10 Nov 2011

Flare Surfing

With winter rapidly approaching in New York, all I can think about is Hawaii’s perpetual warmth and how long it’s been since I’ve indulged in sun, surf & endless tuna poke. Nothing beats diving into a lukewarm ocean and listening to the waves a few hundred yards out while sitting

Brisk Bodega
09 Sep 2011

Brisk Bodega

With the resurgence of the Brisk claymation videos earlier this year, the old school beverage brand has reestablished itself on top of the iced tea world. Call me a sucker, but when my favorite rapper drinks Brisk… I’ll drink Brisk. Now, the iconic blue can is taking to the streets

22 Aug 2011

Morimoto’s Waikiki: Hawaii Edition

The balance between work and play becomes blurrier the deeper I get into 7AM starts and 13hour days. The day old saying “love what you do and you never have to work a day in your life” resonates every day, but still… it’s always nice to escape conference calls and

31 May 2011

Chocolate Wasted

A while back, I came across an interesting article stating that in twenty years, chocolate will become a rare delicacy. Considering America’s tendency to over-consume, this is hardly surprising. What WON’T be a rare delicacy in twenty years?? But just in case this is to happen, or you just love

17 May 2011


Obviously we can’t fly 14+ hours to the Swiss Alps and not get some snowboarding time in. Pretty funny/outrageous since this is literally the third time I’ve ever snowboarded in my life – to say that I’m a novice is um… an understatement. After 30ish minutes of me looking like

16 May 2011


The Swiss Alps are arguably one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places I’ve ever been in my life. Everyone we came across was so unbelievably sweet and cultured (4 national languages?! Americans have trouble learning one…) and showed us such wonderful hospitality. We spent our first few evenings in the

10 May 2011

Monumental Roadtrip

There are quite a few reasons why I’ve been neglecting this blog like an irresponsible pre-adolescent neglects a pet she’s not ready for, but I’ll save you all the excuses and rambling. For an quick, up to the minute glance into my life, Twitter is where it’s at. Otherwise, I’ll

01 Apr 2011

Voli Light Vodkas

It feels like every beer commercial these days is overrun with selling points of being low calorie and great tasting. Finally, there’s a vodka counterpart that maintains the same great taste while being the world’s first line of low calorie vodkas: Voli Light Vodkas. Pitbull, the company’s major equity owner

04 Feb 2011


After a whirlwind of a week in NY, Neil and I flew to SF for a quick weekend gig/getaway. I wasn’t really able to properly celebrate my birthday in NY due to a work initiative, so the kind folks at Monaco Hotel helped us ring it in with some chocolates

iced oatmeal applesauce cookies
04 Feb 2011


Since receiving a “super mixer” for Christmas, I can’t help but want to whip up baked goods every time I step foot into the kitchen. Luckily, I have an awesome boyfriend (and coworkers) who are willing to indulge in my crazy concoctions and miscellaneous mishaps. Most recently, in a bout