12 Jul 2013

Jakarta Mod fest

LadyonWheels.com in conjunction with HIN put on a great show In Ancol. It is one of the best venues in Jakarta although, the traffic getting there is some of the worst. But even after a grueling two and a half hour drive across the city it was an awesome day

05 Mar 2013

Hellaflush Jakarta, After Sunset

As we Announced the Hellaflush Top 10 winners the clouds came in and poured down, I started to dread the show being washed out, literally. Luckily it came down just long enough to get the crowds out of the way so we could move their cars up in front of

26 Feb 2013

Hellaflush Jakarta, Day

After a year of false starts, venues falling through and dealing with the floods here in Jakarta we finally had the show… It was worth the wait. The morning started off with a heavy tropical rain but it cleared as soon as the cars started showing up. Because there were

22 Jan 2013

Hellaflush Jakarta Flood Relief meet-up

On the 26th we had the Love for Jakarta meet-up to donate event for the flood victims. It was a great success! It was really nice to see all the clubs lining up to donate funds for those that lost so much. We raised over $1,200 in cash + 2

17 Dec 2012

Hellaflush Indonesia

Here’s a small preview of what to expect 2-23 Twenty Thirteen at Flavor Bliss  

14 Mar 2012

Drift Bash Jakarta

I used to love sliding around in the snow when I was in the mountains and back east, but its not even close to the same. The other day I got to ride along in the Achilles pro Drift car with their International Formula Drift (Asia) driver. 500+ hp all

22 Jan 2012

Jakarta Shows Pt 2

Sunday I arrived at the Balai Kartini, yeah Kartini it sounds like a car cocktail 1 part Sinatra 1 part Vodka a dash of penetrating oil and Nitrous chaser, anyways I got there at about 2:30 pay the entry fee 50,000Rp about $5.50 and they hand me a program a

Melissa Meister CTV2
20 Jan 2012

2 shows 1 weekend in Jakarta Pt 1

Yeah, so this is a little late, sorry for keeping everyone here in Indo waiting things should start going quicker for me now. Before I left SF I had planned out my first car show Otoblitz classic Car Show in Jakarta on the 17th of Dec once I got here

01 Jan 2012


So wow here I am writing for Hellaflush : ) my name is Erin Friend’s call me Bliss or Mr Bliss I live in Indonesia so I will be covering events, builds and races from out here. A little about myself, I have been into cars my whole life some