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20 Sep 2011

LadyLike @ Illest Boutique

For all you ladies that have been asking if we’d ever get any women’s clothing in the store, this one’s for you. We finally got the LadyLike tanks in stock! So take a trip down to Little Tokyo and pick one up for yourself before they’re all gone 🙂

13 Sep 2011

Illest Boutique: Restock Illest Teal Lanyards!!!

We just restocked on our teal lanyards. Come thru and pick yours up today. 🙂 llest Boutique 316 E. 2nd St. Los Angeles, CA 90012 Phone: 213-626-ILST Hours: 12-7 Tuesday-Thursday. 12-8 Friday and Saturday Closed Monday

31 Aug 2011

New In Store @Illest Boutique… ILL Heart Stickers

We finally recieved our shipment of ILL Hearts. Available in khaki color and seafom. Stop by today to pick yours up! 🙂 Illest Boutique 316 E. 2nd St. Los Angeles, CA 90012 Phone: 213-626-ILST Hours: 12-7 Tuesday-Thursday. 12-8 Friday and Saturday Closed Monday

31 Aug 2011

Who’s In Store @ Illest Boutique… Ben Baller

King of Bling, Ben Baller decided to drop by Illest Boutique today to pick up one of our 1000% Batman Bearbricks. For those of you who don’t know who Ben Baller is, he’s a famous jeweler who works with celebrities. Check out his blog here… ifandco.com

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30 Aug 2011

Who’s In Store @ Illest Boutique

Yasunari Michiwaki and his friend, from Japan, dropped by to check out the store and pick up a few stickers. It turns out Yasunari, owns a car shop down in Japan, YSauto Service. The shop works mainly on mini trucks. If ever you guys are in Japan, be sure to

17 Aug 2011

New In Store @Illest Boutique

    We just recieved new tees at our Downtown Los Angeles flagship store.  The Illest x Los Angeles tees and the Illest Cursive Remix tee. The Illest x Los Angeles tee will only be available in store @ Illest Boutique. Both are available in black, grey, and white and in

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09 Aug 2011

SpocomUSA PartII…

  Spocom in anaheim last saturday was pretty eventful. As you can see on Yogi’s coverage of the event(http://fatlace.com/main/spocomusa86/), it was a good turn out. Here’s additional coverage of the event.Be sure to check out their next event at San Francisco, California on August 20th, 2011        

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29 Jul 2011

Who’s In Store @IllestBoutique

We had a couple visitors from the UK yesterday that drove up from San Diego just to come visit. Hooked them up with a couple stickers. Thanks for visiting guys!

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27 Jul 2011

What’s New In Store @Illest Boutique

This week we received our shipment of some Stussy hats, beaters, be@rbricks, coin pouches, and Stussy’s new design book. We also got the Undeafeted Play Dirty Bottle. We only got a limited amount on each item. Come through and check em out for yourself. 316 East 2nd St. Los Angeles,

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21 Jul 2011

Who’s In Store @Illest Boutique: Marc Bacierto | Fatlace Samurai Love

Meet Marc Bacierto. He’s one of our frequent visitors and a true Fatlace supporter. Check out his sick tattoo though! Look familiar?  Tattoo is based off our Fatlace Samurai Logo. Not sure what the date meant, but I believe “matibay” means strong or tough in Tagalog.