08 Jul 2011

Reppin’ From The East Coast: Luke Williamson

Here’s our appreciation to Luke for reppin’ our Illest decal. Luke Williamson got his S&M BTM in March and had taken took all the stickers off to put an Illest one on.

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06 Jul 2011

Spotted in Lil Tokyo, Los Angeles

As I stepped out of the store to visit our friends over at BOWLS, some guy walked by me with this super sick motorized lowrider/cruiser. Knowing me, i turned around and asked him if it was cool for me to take a picture of it. I had so much questions

02 Jul 2011

Who’s In Store: Alex Rosario

If you’ve kept up with the Fatlace website, then you’ve already seen this dudes crazy tattoo (view post). We even managed to get a shot of his car right as he was leaving Thanks for stopping by the store, Alex.

01 Jul 2011

What’s In Store: Summer Tees

Here are some of our summer tees on display at Illest. Come by this weekend and pick up a tee or two. Illest Boutique 316 East 2nd St. Los Angeles, CA. 90012 Hours: 12-7 Tuesday – Sunday / Closed Monday Phone: 213.626.ILST

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30 Jun 2011

Who’s In Store @ Illest Boutique

Big shout out to Gabriel and his dad, Peter, for swinging by the store today on their 10 day visit from London to pick up some Illest gear. Thanks for stopping by and have a great trip!

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29 Jun 2011

What’s In Town | Little Tokyo,Los Angeles: FOUR LEAF

If you haven’t been to Four Leaf Tea Room, now is the time to go. (Ok, any time or all the time actually) And what? Its located right next door to us! How convenient is that I first came across this place some time last year. A friend told me

28 Jun 2011

You’re not just another face in the crowd

Since working at Illest, i’ve seen our products being used in many creative ways. From girls turning our shirts into tank tops, to lanyards being used as leashes for baby ducks, customization is endless. Here are a couple examples: Illest car badges slapped onto laptops for a really clean and

26 Jun 2011

Who’s In Store @IllestBoutique

A little late, but here we go. My memory’s not too good and I forget names so my bad, but these dudes dropped by the store yesterday from San Diego. Instead of going to Vegas with all of their friends for the Electric Daisy Carnival (which I hear has been