11 Apr 2012

The early bird gets the Gram! Catch up BLOG!

Instagram is taking over the world, well my world, for serious! This past weekend was Formula Drift round 1 Long Beach 2012 and I literally DID NOT SNAP ONE PIC with my camera! Why? #BecauseInstagram…. Soooo I’m telling you NOW to FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @JarodDeAnda BUT I won’t give

24 Mar 2012

Going HAM, Nate Hamilton that is…2012 livery

I’ve blogged and spoken about Nate Hamilton before and he’s still a GREAT kid, 23 years young, hard working, humble and hungrier than ever to follow his and his teams dream of drifting at a higher level… Nate made his way from Texas to my house and Arizona earlier this

06 Mar 2012

Play Ball…

Spring Training is on! MLB teams either head to FL for the Grapefruit League or to Arizona for Cactus League, its fun to go watch the teams shape up progressively through these games all of March… Thanks to our friends the Shermans we came up on some nice tix to

02 Mar 2012

3,2,1… Let it rip!

My son is into Beyblades, is your kid? They are fun, durable and just a good toy! He caught a package from our friend who hooked it up! This one he can control with “attacks”, “spirit” and even direction, AWESOME! Parker and his friends always want to have battles! I

01 Mar 2012


AZ beer week is over but I hit a couple festivities and no need for a dedicated week to celebrate awesome beer… Maui Brewing Company had a “tap takeover” at Papago Brewing, 11 new never before tasted beers were on tap… My homie and high school classmate Garrett Marrero is

23 Feb 2012

AZ is on point…

Last week re-cap… My mom was in town so I took her around PHX, to Pizzeria Bianco… Love my mom! So RIGHT now, Arizona Beer Week is in full swing it started last Saturday and goes for just about that a WEEK! Hence the name… My 1st taste of this

20 Feb 2012

Gittin NUTS in DR!

My wife, our friends and some of the (now) Gittin’s family totally about 80 people, joined 2010 Formula Drift Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his now beautiful wife Abigail Gittin for their destination wedding in Dominican Republic… I’ll start and end with some of the pics by the oh so

08 Feb 2012

Super Bowl whatever; super good times…

Super Bowl weekend was a blast, hanging with family & friends, riding bikes, watching women play football and more… My Felt Z5 bike is looking on point, just caught some Easton EA50’s… Red hubs next to the red Loaded Precision skewers looks FRESH! My State Bicycle FGFS is getting a

02 Feb 2012

“Gateway to the West” gets smoked out

Last week, I went straight from Nor Cal to St Louis, yes I MC’ed, yes we ate good food, yes Vaughn Gittin Jr. slayed some tires and the most important answer is, YES! I saw Nelly in St Louis… Vaughn Gittin Jr. 2010 Formula Drift Champion hires me to MC

30 Jan 2012

LOUD on the set! Scion FR-S commercial!

SCION reached out to me & asked if I wanted to head up Northern California to capture some “Behind the scenes” coverage of the first ever Scion FR-S commercial shoot to twitter, Facebook & Blog… I’ve already Twittered & Facebooked last week, now see the blog… Thanks Scion and wow