05 Dec 2011

Scion FRe-Sh reveal

Headed to LA, Hollywood & MiLK Studios for the heavily anticipated reveal of the………. Scion FR-S I was hired to MC the event aka “hypeman” at a very cool event! Yep, the Scion FR-S version of the 2WD, some have called the ToyBaru, now deemed the Toyota GT-86 in Japan

22 Nov 2011

Hot water, Helicopter, Octopus & Loaded products

Traveling is a blast and I’m blessed and fortunate enough to see the world but being home ESPECIALLY this time of year in ARIZONA is EPIC! Check out what I’ve been getting into lately… Parker & I hit the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Races… My old homie Robert hooked up

21 Nov 2011

State Bicycle Co….

I’ve REALLY been getting into bikes a LOT this year and I have a feeling from here til death that I’ll be into bicycles… So when I found out that STATE BICYCLE Co. is right here in my Arizona backyard I had to reach out and of course we already

18 Nov 2011

I can’t believe I get paid to do this…

I’m so blessed I get to do this for a living, travel, MC, surround myself with great people, brands, companies, products, fun and all of it is just a blessing… Check out my last kind of week in a nutshell… Headed to Vegas for the Toyota World Convention, this is

16 Nov 2011

Fun in Fenix on Friday w/ Joe

I live in AZ aka Arizona and in the Phoenix area pronounced Fenix… Well last Friday, Nov 11 My friend and restauranteur Joe Johnston follow him on twitter he’s always on the go, great dude, took me around to some of his favorite spots in downtown PHX… Man Date is

09 Nov 2011

“Sometimes You Just Know”…

Take a look and listen to this jam by a band called Pollyn. The entire video is shot on rides & rollercoasters… I like the song, the video, the jam… Pretty rad, creative & resourceful… Music is fun, rollercoasters are fun, life CAN be fun, make the most of it!

07 Nov 2011

Cars, chaos, clutch kicking, kegs, characters & more @ SEMA 2011

After spending only 12 hours back home in AZ after returning from Jakarta, Indonesia I’m off… to Vegas for another annual installment of the SEMA SHOW… I’ve been attending since 97 or 98 I think, + I even met my wife at SEMA 12 years ago this SEMA! Flying into

07 Nov 2011

The Big Durian…

Long time no blog, For good reason, I’ve been a traveling and busy… So last week was obviously SEMA if you have oil in your veins like most everybody that’s reading this… BUT right before SEMA I ventured to Jakarta, Indonesia AKA The Big Durian for the 1st ever Formula

25 Oct 2011

It’s my party, I’m still recovering…

Last Wednesday was my birthday, thank YOU all for the birthday wishes, calls, messages and greetings in person if I saw you… Hit sushi at home with wifey, son and my friend Nic… Escolar is our new favorite fish, it sits on top of spicy yellowtail with a sweetened jalapeno,

21 Oct 2011

Let it snow, please!

Yeah it’s still triple digits in AZ but it snowed on my doorstep with some new snowboard gear… DC Shoes, DC Snow and KB hooked it up with a whole kit, board and even laced the wifey and kid!!!! Happy birthday to me, great birthday gift! Here’s the whole kit,