13 Oct 2012

808 Soul: Shauncey Credo’s Job Design Lexus IS

PHOTO CREDITS SHOUT OUT TO MICHAEL J. KITCHENS Toyota’s luxury market, Lexus,  has always been known for their luxury design, dependability, and comfort.  In 2000 Lexus (Luxury Export United States) introduces the USA to their first compact luxury sport car called the IS300. Sporty exterior features and inteior styling to

08 Sep 2012

From Canada: Blain Angus’ Infiniti G35 Sedan

Photography by Dave Levitt. Ever since I started going back to school I don’t really have much time on my hands for photo shoots. So what is the best way for me to keep features coming in?? Post up on forums and see if anyone has a “hellaflush approved” type

25 Jul 2012

S2Killin It! Glen Villanueva’s Honda S2000

The usual car enthusiast will find his down time at home or some place with internet access and surf the web for the up and coming car builds and styles. In this case, that’s how i stumbled upon Glen’s S2000 you see here. The usual skimming through Facebook, my buddy

18 Jul 2012

John Suh’s VIP Lexus LS430

When I dove into the VIP scene a couple years back I made a bunch of friends and John Suh is one of the first. Representing BP VIP in Southern Cali, John Suh has put together a very fine example of how traditional VIP is portrayed in the land of

Lei-Over 10
12 Jul 2012

Never Satisfied: Ryan Gold’s Honda Si Sedan

I remember meeting Ryan at the local BP VIP meet when he was in town to check out some VIP rides. At first I was just thinking “oh hey its a regular guy who’s into the scene and is just around to chill.” After some time we got the talking

06 Jul 2012

Kevin Cubillo’s Infiniti Y33

Style63’s Kevin Cubillo’s Infiniti started off just like every other enthusiast does… your platform of build originally was meant to be your daily driver until something inspired you to modify it. After searching around Japanese blogs, and forums  based on VIP styling, it was not long before Kevin started to

04 Jul 2012

Spocom Pre Meet in Anaheim, CA

  K1 Speed Go Kart racing in Anaheim was the location to be this past Sunday for Spocom’s pre meet. Food trucks were present, models,  a handful of vendors, and of course the usual abundance of cars and bikes on display. The official Spocom Car show will take place on

01 Jul 2012

Female + Fitment = Win: Bebe Layne’s Subaru WRX Wagon

Maybe you guys will remember this car back when I covered the Motion Autoshow a couple months back but that was when i started taking notice to this Subie. At first, by looking at this wagon you will think “whoa, nice setup! wheels, fitment, aero, on point.” But looking past

08 Jun 2012

WEKFEST 2012, part II

  ok now where was I? oh yea, part deuce of WEKFEST’s coverage from this past saturday in Long Beach. BTW i just noticed, so many car shows happened in the past couple months in the same area. This year is definiely full of car shows but you know of

07 Jun 2012

WEKFEST 2012, part 1

I finally made some time to edit photos from Wekfest so here’s my share of event coverage, part 1: Tony Yu’s Infiniti Y33 with K-Break aero, and rebarreled OG Work Rezax wheels. Stay tuned for his upcoming feature. JP Gonzales and his 1977 Toyota Cressida with “rebarreled again”, BBS’s and