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19 Apr 2012

Boyfriend remix – Konrad OldMoney VS Justin Bieber

The talent that comes out of my city amazes me. This is pretty good, check it out! [youtube][/youtube]         “Boyfriend” By Justin Bieber remixed by Konrad OldMoney Download: More music: Konrad OldMoney Video by: Richie Mcfly Animation: Hungry Tortoise studios, Rachael Freedman, Someir – Dancers:

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11 Apr 2012

“Perfect” by Brandon Fletcher

I’ve definitely been sleeping on this. I guess this is what I get since I live in Canada. Anyway, this is a great track & vid. Peep game. [vimeo][/vimeo] Official website [ ] Download his mixtape, “An album about Women” [ ]  

20 Mar 2012

Queens | Spring 2012 Lookbook

Queens has done it again! The official release date for this new-new is March 24th! Mark your calendars, ladies. Official website | Facebook | Follow | @crownthequeens

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20 Mar 2012

Hellz Bellz, “What’s in your Closet, Patrizzle?”

My girl Abi (girlsarethenewboys) has started this “What’s in your Closet?” closet feature on the Hellz Bellz blog. Check it out, this week I’m in it! Link: [] If you want to be a part of “What’s In Your Closet?” simply email answering the questions below. And please attach

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13 Mar 2012

Vancouver’s “The Freshest” – Live Set 1.0

So impressed what Vancouver’s talent is coming out with. Love my city. Check it! From your Northern neighbours, with love.   [vimeo][/vimeo] The Freshest Introduce a new series of “Live Sets” exploring the further possibilities of performance between dj’s and musicians. The Concept behind this series is to break the

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26 Nov 2011

My, My, My – Spot & Ess feat. Emmalyn

This song has been stuck in my head pretty much all week. Figured I’d share some Canadian talent. Vancouver WHAT! [Download track] Spot & Ess | Follow @SpotAndEss Emmalyn Estrada | Follow @therealemmalyn [youtube][/youtube]    

28 Oct 2011

Vancouver Poutine Festival | November 19

WHAT IS POUTINE EXACTLY? Well, Let me tell you! Poutine is hot gravy and melted cheesecurds on fries. It can come with several toppings like bacon, onions and anything else (more cheese?) It is a very celebrated Canadian speciality that’s rooted moreso in Eastern Canada (Quebec, stand up!) Anyone want

28 Oct 2011

Queens, Vancouver | Winter 2011 Lookbook

I had blogged about Queens’ inception over the summer time earlier this year. The company, (ran by the amazing Rose Raflores) has been blossoming in the city. Here’s a sneak peak at their Winter 2011 lookbook- featuring Vancouver’s own, Emmalyn Estrada. Check their website for the whole lineup. Official Website

28 Oct 2011

BeerMo Bottle Mustaches

This is certainly charming. Buy yours for $10.99. The BeerMo™ Bottle mustache is available in six colors: Black, Brown, hot pink, yellow, ginger(red/orangish) and St.Patty’s Green! BEERMO FEATURES: • Made of hygienic silicone • Can easily fit any typical bottle • Lightweight and easily carried (via GoPantone)

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25 Sep 2011

Solar Light Water Bottles

What a truly humbling and inspiring story. [youtube][/youtube]