28 Oct 2011

Vancouver Poutine Festival | November 19

WHAT IS POUTINE EXACTLY? Well, Let me tell you! Poutine is hot gravy and melted cheesecurds on fries. It can come with several toppings like bacon, onions and anything else (more cheese?) It is a very celebrated Canadian speciality that’s rooted moreso in Eastern Canada (Quebec, stand up!) Anyone want

28 Oct 2011

Queens, Vancouver | Winter 2011 Lookbook

I had blogged about Queens’ inception over the summer time earlier this year. The company, (ran by the amazing Rose Raflores) has been blossoming in the city. Here’s a sneak peak at their Winter 2011 lookbook- featuring Vancouver’s own, Emmalyn Estrada. Check their website for the whole lineup. Official Website

28 Oct 2011

BeerMo Bottle Mustaches

This is certainly charming. Buy yours for $10.99. The BeerMo™ Bottle mustache is available in six colors: Black, Brown, hot pink, yellow, ginger(red/orangish) and St.Patty’s Green! BEERMO FEATURES: • Made of hygienic silicone • Can easily fit any typical bottle • Lightweight and easily carried (via GoPantone)

Screen shot 2011-09-25 at 6.33.55 PM
25 Sep 2011

Solar Light Water Bottles

What a truly humbling and inspiring story. [youtube][/youtube]              

04 Sep 2011

‘Grow Up: Jet’ Coffee Table by Lorraine Brennan

This table by Lorraine Brennan, a traditional paper plane scaled coffee table size is my current favourite. (I’m such a sucker for modern furniture!) Maybe they can’t all be California tables, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for something plain. Although the Paper Plane Coffee Table by Lorraine

18 Aug 2011

Bike Fork Bottle Opener

Created by freelance designer Evan Hawkins,  A bike fork uniquely reconstructed as a bottle opener. Too cool. Why didn’t I think of this! (via EH84’s etsy)

09 Aug 2011

13th Street Bowlingheads – Horror channel bowling balls

Designed by German spraygun artist Oliver Paass. Just Amazing. We designed special bowling balls together with famous spraygun artist Oliver Paass that look like cut-off heads. For more than three weeks he made detailed 360° layouts that were sprayed on standard bowling balls. In several German bowling alleys we swapped

Screen shot 2011-08-01 at 1.29.33 PM
01 Aug 2011

Keyport Slide

This is pretty cool. (website: myKeyport) Keyport replaces your conventional keychain with a streamlined device that consolidates the everyday personal items (keys, USB flash drive, bottle opener, mini-LED, etc.) that you typically carry on a bulky keychain.  About the same size as a traditional auto key fob, the Keyport provides access