18 Feb 2011

350 on CCWs

Check out John’s 350 on CCW’s. Can’t go wrong w/ a slammed Z on nice wheels. Makes me want to get a Z whenever I see one like this. wheels/tires ccw lm20 polished 7mm spacer in the front to clear brakes F: 18×10.5 245/35/18 R: 18×12 285/30/18 powered by max

13 Feb 2011

Wooord Up yo

Word up last week started early as usual. I hitched a ride w/ Philly. It was a mellow event w/ half the drivers. I was excited to see the touge track layout. Here’s a little bit of the tandem action with Luis and Earl. Two of my favorite cars. Aiden

02 Feb 2011

Slammed S13 Coupe

If you know me personally, you probably know that the s13 coupe is one of my favorite cars. Seeing slammed drift cars always breaks my neck. Before the term Hellaflush was coined, the flush and slammed, aggressive look was just a given part of drift styling. I give props to

29 Jan 2011

Vegas Trip

A few weeks ago the fam went to Vegas. I saw the not so famous residential part. Not bad, they have the shops that make it feel like home such as Starbucks, Best Buy, various burger joints, Home Depot and the list goes on. We also hit up Goldilocks, I

29 Jan 2011

Weekend Sale at Fatlace SF and Online Emporium

We’re having a sale this weekend only! Spend $100 and get a free tee! Offer valid only at Fatlace, San Francisco and the Online Emporium 1/29 till 1/30.

24 Jan 2011

More Word Up, January

This time around I decided to bring an SLR. No rain and needed to keep things interesting while running the tracks. By far this was the smoothest Word Up yet. The drivers are improving and less cones are getting knocked over, haha! We also had a Mogo BBQ swing by

20 Jan 2011

Clean Green Aussie Machine

Brisbane Australia’s Anthony D. sent us photos of his clean S14. There’s a lot of attention to detail here. I really like how the fenders flare out. Not to mention the nice build! Cool ride inside and out. Engine: HKS EVC4 boost controller Power FC D-Jetro CP forged pistons Eagle

17 Jan 2011

Drifted 350 from Texas

Mario G sends us photos of his clean ’08 350Z. I love seeing a flush Z. What makes it more appealing is when I know it’s driven hard. Below you can see his current mods. He’s getting ready for the upcoming drift season. I wonder what he has in store?

15 Jan 2011

Kingpin Disco 2010

Right after Christmas is the party of the year at Classic Bowl, Kingpin Disco. For the past 3 years, we’ve had the tradition of a Fatlace team dinner before competing in the tournament. We ate at Hiro Sushi. If you’re ever at San Bruno, check it out. After winning 3

12 Jan 2011

Virgin Sonic Clouds

Flew Virgin America on the way to Vegas a few weeks ago. Lighting in the plane is dope. No line during check-in too. The lines for Jet Blue and United were insane. Jet Blue had a 5 hour delay which turned into a canceled flight. Sucks for us, since our