13 Jan 2012

Japan: Day 2

Day 2: We basically chilled all day and did some light weight shopping. Thanks to W-Base for letting us barrow bikes to mash around town! Also it was a huge honor meeting Hiroshi Fujiwara!!!! Thanks for the iphone cases!

13 Jan 2012

Japan: Day 1

I was invited to come along on the 2012 Design Inspiration Trip with Mark, Reggie, Max, and Matt. This is my first time in Japan so this should be very interesting and entertaining for me and you. I will be constantly blogging everyday of our trip so check back daily.

24 Nov 2011

Jeromy And Frederick

Jeromy and Frederick stopped by work over at Illest SF this past Wednesday to pick up their BombSquad gear! We also launched all new product today on the site! bombsquadsf.com

22 Nov 2011

After work: Palomino Run

Just to let you guys know i love to eat out and a lot of my blog posts will be showing everyone what restaurants San Francisco has to offer. Tonight after work me and Angie decided to hit up Palomino. Waffle fries are amazing so was the big piece of

21 Nov 2011

BombSquad x YYF Avant Garde

BombSquad is a SF based  yoyo company started by my good friend Paul Han, my brother Matt Mar, and myself. We have teamed up with YoYoFactory to create some awesome and cutting edge yoyos. This thursday we will be releasing some new product which includes of course YoYos, tee shirts,