02 May 2011

Photography: Thailand Trip Pt. 1

Hey Guys, A lot of you guys know im currently calling Thailand home for a while. So I thought I’d share some of my photography of the trip I’ll be checking in every now and then to share a bit of my journey and photos here. Also stay tuned for

23 Apr 2011

Im in Thai food heaven.

Of course one of the main things about visiting Thailand is of course the food. First thing my family does is take me to all these restaurants to get me my favorite dishes. Im always overwhelmed with all this amazing food and oh man that first bite of real authentic

21 Apr 2011

Cruising in streets in my Volyota.. What?

So I’m in the west part of Thailand where I’m calling home for the next 3 months. When im in town I use my dads car to cruise around to find a spot to chill, relax or find a cool spot to take some good photos. At times I forget

20 Apr 2011

Sawatdee! Toyota Vitz all the way from Thailand

Hello from the other side of the world For those that dont know. I’ve taken a leap of absents from Cali to Thailand for some personal reason. Though while here, I thought I’d try to dig deep to find the import culture that has grown so much is Thailand. I’ve

Screen shot 2011-04-11 at 12.47.29 AM
11 Apr 2011

Slammed Society Showcase x Formula Drift

What a day what a day… We started bright and early… ok ill be hnest I myself was 30 minutes late 😛 The morning started of with some very sick cars rolling through our gates. The Fatlace crew was ready and quickly organized the show area and made sure we

Screen shot 2011-04-09 at 1.30.43 AM
09 Apr 2011

Formula Drift x Society Preview

Its that time of the year again. Tire smoke in the air. That familier ROAR of high power car drifting right by you at high speeds. Its also that time when so-cals finests comes out and shows us the best of the best. From Slammed, To Hellaflush, VIP, Drift, Old

Screen shot 2011-02-28 at 12.35.41 AM
28 Feb 2011

Zips & Flannels over at Illest Boutique!

Perfect for this cold weather we’re having in LA, Available in all sizes and colors! come give us a visit

10 Feb 2011

Can I kick it?

Got a very awesome visit from Phife and his crew today at our LA Illest Boutique! He came out to pick up some fresh new illest Gear! come check us out too @ 316 e 2nd Street Little Tokyo | LA [youtube][/youtube] What’s your favorite Tribe song? [youtube][/youtube]