17 Jun 2014

Slammed Sundays at Illest OC hosted by LTMW & Crooks n’ Castles

This time around, Slammed Sundays was hosted by our good friends from Crooks n’ Castles & LTMW. It was a great turn out, especially that fathers day happened to land on the same day as the meet. Though the event did end a little earlier than usual because everyone was

02 Jun 2014

Sam Ip Media takes on Wekfest Los Angeles

My good friend Sam Ip made an amazing video covering WekFest LA this passed weekend for Team Legacy. His work is amazing and it only gets better with every new release. Enjoy! make to follow him on Instagram: Samipmedia TEAMLEGACY: WEKFEST LONG BEACH 2014 TEAMLEGACY: WEKFEST LONG BEACH 2014 from

01 Jun 2014

WEKFEST: The Players of Los Angeles

First I’d like to congratulate the guys over at Wekfest for such an amazing show. I myself enjoyed the day very much and this may sound premature, but I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be one of the best show’s SoCal has to offer. I did hear that roll in was

27 May 2014

For the love of it

I remember an acquaintance once asked me on the subject of cars, “Why do guys invest into something so old?”. Then I replied, “Why not?”. It was one of those nights  I was with friends of friends and someone mentioned that cars was a hobby of mine. She  then said

26 May 2014

Family Affair

So I’ve been actively involved in the automotive community for about a good decade. I’ve met many great people along the way. Some of these people I actually looked up to when I was a kid and now I’m fortunate enough to call them my friends.  A lot of you

22 May 2014

Wild for the night.

So for about 2 years now, I’ve been living and working in Orange County. I’m originally from Los Angeles County, born and raised, in Illest downtown LA were I spent most of my day’s. Yes I really like the Fresh Prince. The two city’s are only 40 miles apart, but

14 May 2014

RAUH-Welt Los Angeles at LTMW

Let me start off by saying, God damn its hot! Like really, its freekin hot. Like mother earth turned on her blow dryer and forgot to turn it off hot. Haha. Sorry, the fat boy in me wanted to get that out. Anyways, In the past year my attendance to

19 Apr 2014

Little bit after midnight

For those who follow me on Instagram *cough* YogiFatlace *cough*cough* I recently mention that if you are a car guy, SoCal is the place to be. It is! and I stand by it. There will always be that great debate on what city reign’s supreme and who has the best

17 Apr 2014

Fare thee well old friend…

Have you ever sold a car?.. and I’m not just talking about any car. I’m talking about thee car. The one that made you so f*cking happy to finally get, the car of your dreams, you finally have it! The one you spent countless late nights with, you know what

30 Mar 2014

Phaze2 M5 on Airride

Hello my friends! Long time no post. Its been a while since I’ve been behind a camera nor have I had free time due to a busy schedule at work, Though last night was an exception. Our good friend and always strong supporter of Fatlace got a very special delivery