18 Oct 2011

Patterns Vol. 2 – mixed by Freddie Joachim

Popular follow up to the Pattern mix series that Freddie did last year. Check out the exclusive track which will be available later on this year. Click on the pic to DL or click here to stream. Peace!

03 Oct 2011

HMV/Tower Records Japan

Shout out to Japan for showing us a lot of love for Teeko’s “Light Up The Darkness” album. I didn’t know that Tower Records still existed but we’re very happy to know that the album is currently being featured, along with Elzhi’s and Exile/Blu’s album. Hopefully we can setup Mellow Orange Japan

01 Oct 2011

Question featured in 9MM Earphones PV by MUNITIO.

Question, the DJ and producer with Analogue Studies and Mellow Orange Music, gives the lowdown on MUNITIO earphone styling and sound performance for any genre of music. [youtube][/youtube]     I also like the bullet shell look on these ear buds… Also comes in silver.

15 Sep 2011

Question & Freddie Joachim “Find Another Way Revisited”

While going through some older beats, i came across this track. This is one of the very few tracks Question and Freddie Joachim actually produced together. A rework of ATCQ’s “Find a Way”. You can find Questions version, available on the Study Guide 10″ EP. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD

27 Jul 2011

Erykah Badu – “Telephone (Freddie Joachim Remix)”

Here’s new remix joint by Freddie Joachim.  If you don’t know who this man is, i suggest you google him up immediately.  More goods coming your way from Mellow Orange Music.  Better ask somebody… DOWNLOAD

26 Jul 2011

“Interludes & Interpretations” by Question

You know, I’m now just realizing that I don’t blog enough about  Mellow Orange and what’s going on with the label… Better late than never. With that said, here’s some old jazzy joints off the MPC that my man Question (Analogue Studies/Mellow Orange) put out recently. Check it out. FREE

18 Jul 2011

Nostalgic Feeling

Came across these media items while cleaning the house over this past weekend.  The sad part is i don’t own any media players that would allow me to play them.  Damn you technology, especially mp3!!!

18 Jul 2011

Thank goodness for my peeps out in the UK

Just want to send a quick shout out to our friends in the UK, Kilawatts music.  We made a catalog exchange recently and bunch of goodies came in the mailbox today!!!  They’re definitely putting out quality music and you should definitely check out their catalog.  With artist rosters inculding Eric Lau and