I’m a Libra.  Which means it’s all about the scales and keeping things balanced.  So imagine working two plus jobs, building a brand, fam time, friend time and staying cool and collect NO MATTER WHAT.  Not an easy feat.  But for libras it’s the ONLY way.  With that said, I like to celebrate my entire month of birth.  Since I was a teen this was the ritual…monthlong celebrations with mah girls, rollin through the Bay…drankin, partyin, celebrating life.  Another notch in my belt, another year full of memories to look back on.  Older.  Wiser.  And being in my 30s, calmer…haha.  Thank you year #36.  You were very good to me.  I look forward to what next year brings.

Some highlights from this birthday month…

Dinner at Limon Rotisserie with my mains.

Bourbon & Branch.  Where passwords are necessary, photography isn’t allowed, cocktails are divine, secret passages hide behind bookcases, easy speaking is mandatory hence “speakeasy” and people watching is a must.

Somar and House of Music with the Worthy Foes Crew.  These artists are rock steady…talented, beautiful and down.  These ladies are definitely worthy foes…to whoever considers them as such.  haha.

Carneros Della Notte in Napa.  With a personalized tour by Dave the owner.  This dude…I mean really, this dude…all I gots to say is Dave is the man!    Former chauffeur of Robert Mondavi, founder of and now keeping it simple with a small boutique winery only putting out small batches of what he believes in.  From rags to riches, this guy stays humbled and grateful.  I’m honored to have met such an amazing mind.  Stay tuned to this winery ya’ll.  He gots Flavor Flav AND Manny Pacquiao bottles comin out!

From the loves.

36’s last sunset.

This lucky girl is just way too blessed to be stressed.

Till the next episode…


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