Photo Dump | Flushstyle II Parking Lot

The parking lot is a sight not to be missed in every car event. I headed out to Thailand last year to join Flushstyle’s 2nd year anniversary. I was amazed …


Photo Dump | Flushstyle II Parking Lot

The parking lot is a sight not to be missed...

Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 by Lance Mountain

These definitely are worth making me post about shoes again....

Soundfreaq Releases the Sound Rise

Following up on my CES coverage, Soundfreaq has released their...


Flashback to Slammed Society Guam 2013

Hafa Adai, It’s been awhile since I posted a blog...

Offset Kings | Formula Drift Long Beach

There’s nothing quite like warm weather and tire smoke in...

Tokyo ….in reverse.

Video by Simon Bouisson of the sites of Tokyo in...


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Volcom Stone presents True to This

Posted on by Anthony Nguyen

If you missed the premieres, you don’t want to miss this!  For 24 hours only (ends 10 AM PST April 1, 2014), watch Volcom Stone presents “True to This” a full length feature film at http://www.volcom.com/truetothis.

P.S. the floating half-pipe seen below and at the end of the film is an Oahu local too ;)

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Phaze2 M5 on Airride

Posted on by Yogi

Hello my friends! Long time no post. Its been a while since I’ve been behind a camera nor have I had free time due to a busy schedule at work, Though last night was an exception. Our good friend and always strong supporter of Fatlace got a very special delivery in the mail direct from AirREX Suspensions. A short wait but probably felt real long for Mark and couldn’t wait for his kit to finally arrive. If you haven’t seen this car in person, the roar alone of this M5 cruising by is already crazy enough, but now staring at it as it sits on the floor even made some of our own jaws drop. After a short and quick install by the Barnum brothers, it was finally time to shoot this bad boy. Before a comment battle goes on about him airing this super car, save it, we know. Blah Blah Blah. He did his research and chose something which he believed is best suitable for his car and that can handle the cars power and performance. But for now save it and  just enjoy this beauty.

To catch more photos of his car follow him via IG at @Phaze2Mizzark

All in one box air management. Easy peezy.

Had to sneak in a little group shot ;) haha. hope you enjoyed it everyone. Thanks for reading.

Here are a couple of after shoot shots by my good friend Murdok.

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EDC: Far East Movement

Posted on by Mark Arcenal

All MacGyver ever needed was a paper clip, a rubber band and a bendy straw so when I asked the guys from Far East Movement what their everyday carry was they sent me this photo.

But then I was sent a more up to date photo of what they actually carry. I intrigued to know what their favorite chicken wings are. Stoked about their carrying case for the Vestax VCI-380, and interested in testing out the HDJ Pioneer headphones.

A full list of their EDC is below:

Box of McDonald’s mighty wings
Apple Mac book pro 15″
Jimmy hat
Universal power adapter
JH audio in-ear monitors
iPhone 5 with Scratch iPhone frisk fader
Fisheye and wide angle iprolens
US passport w/ frequent flyer cards and international currency
Yoobao portable charger
Lightning to USB cable
Swisher sweets tropical fusion cigarillos
Cookies clothing cookie jar
Pioneer hdj 1500 headphones
Aluminum case for Vestax VCI-380

Here’s the latest remix of “The Illest” with Schoolboy Q & BOB

And the original music video below.

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Think Tank Airport Commuter Camera Backpack Review

Posted on by John P

A couple months back I picked up the Think Tank Airport Commuter Camera Backpack. I needed a solution for traveling that could fit not only all of my camera gear, but also my laptop, iPad and a couple other goodies while providing ample protection and be easy enough to carry on a plane. This bag was the perfect solution and I recently was able to give it a full test on my trip to Hawaii. The full review is below.

The Airport Commuter Camera Backpack is made of durable, water-repellant fabric. The first line of defense in protecting expensive camera / computer gear is the exterior and this bag is built to last. The bottom of the bag has a polyurethane coating for extra support when setting the bag out in the elements.

Functionally, the bag provides plenty of storage. The front pocket is large enough to hold many things from business cards, keys, wallet, cell phone and more. While traveling through the airport I used the pocket to place everything from my pockets before going through security then while on the plane it provided quick access for my earphones and wallet.

The center pocket included a padded pocket that fits up to a 15″ laptop and a smaller pocket for a tablet / iPad. There is even still room for magazines, paper work, etc.

The Airport Commuter fits a pro-size DSLR, 4 – 6 standard zooms, flash, hard drives, cables, batteries and more. According to Think Tank, the increased depth of the bag allows up to a 400 f/2.8 attached to a camera body or a 500 f/4 unattached, which I could easily see it doing. In addition, the inner padding is adjustable to fit various gear and the structural dividers provide plenty of protection. Two extra mesh zippered pockets add more storage options.

When compared to the Think Tank Airport International 2.0 Rolling Camera Bag, the Airport Commuter Backpack is a bit shorter by about 2 inches or the height of a business card.

Ergonomically, the bag has multiple handles for ease of handling for instances such as retrieving the bag from overhead bins. The bag’s shoulder straps are padded for comfort and the air mesh panels keep your shoulders cool. Additional air mesh keeps your back cool to prevent the dreaded back sweat. Extra adjustments from a removable waist belt, tripod/monopod mounting system and a seam sealed rain cover add versatility. There is also a side pocket that can be used for water bottles or other items. The zippers are high-quality YKK® RC Fuse (abrasion-resistant) so you can have that added assurance that they will not only open easily, but also not break with all the valuables inside.

While completely filled the bag can get pretty heavy, but does provide plenty of storage for everything. I would rather overpack to be prepared for any shooting situation while traveling and the Airport Commuter Backpack provides that solution. The bag also fit quite easily under the seat on my Hawaiian Airlines flight, which gave me the option to be able to bring my roller bag as my carry-on and technically use the backpack as my personal item.

Overall, this is a very functional camera backpack. It’s built to perform while on the road in various environments and most of all it keeps your valuable camera goods safe and mobile. The design is simple enough to not stand out in a crowd, but don’t expect to be featured in any fashion blogs wearing it. The $209.75 price tag is a small price to pay to protect your photography investment.

Using the special code number “AP-902″ with any purchase over $50 will receive free gear. For more info or to purchase the Think Tank Commuter Airport Backpack follow this LINK.

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Recap: Misa Campo & Slammed Sundays

Posted on by Mark Arcenal

I know this happened a week ago but I get busy and forget that blogging is what got me this gig I call work. Anyways, here’s what happened this past Sunday. Misa Campo had her release with Illest and together they sold out of Skateboards and Tee Shirts that graced her very famous face. On that same day, Slammed Sundays happened and to change things up, we invited Air Runner to be the hosts of the event. The next following months are going to be fun as we’ve invited Greddy to display as well as a few others and we will be kicking off summer with The Ruckout come May.

Anyways, back to this event. Dogzilla made some special dogs just for us and was serving food throughout the day. On to the photos…

Early birds waiting for us to release the Misa Decks. We appreciate you guys!

Dogzilla was here early as well. I had just gotten off the plane and went straight to the shop. These guys seriously rule.

Shin brought out quite a few Air Runner equipped cars. I like this format.

We released the Ladylike product early just for this event.

Much mahalo’s to everyone who waited in the Misa or register line.

Misa arrived late! (but who doesn’t in LA?) Traffic sucks but everyone was super nice and patient. I’m sure Misa appreciated it.

Miata with FZERO’s on! Looking really good.

Fans of Misa!

More fans of Misa!!

Ok enough with the fans. We get it.. :)

Line out the door for 2 hours just to get autographs. I would say her staying power is strong.

Rob from Crooks stopped by in this extremely awesome 458.

We ended the day with some Don Julio. Fun fact, Don Julio 1942 at the club will cost you $1200 a bottle. In stores its about $130. Wow! So the next time you see Misa at a club, offer a shot of Don Julio. It’ll cost you $30 but im sure you’d get her attention. ;)

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Posted on by John P

A photographic exploration of bespoke Texas trucks, style, and hunting culture. Photographer A. Lokey spent three years immersed in quail hunting culture and emerged with a beautiful 296 page documentation of rarely seen, eccentrically purposeful, 4 wheeled creations. Bespoke and personalised but often audacious, the trucks and vehicles built for quail hunting elicit conflicting emotions. Symbols of a rich Texas heritage, these rigs are limited only by imagination and budget. Each one is built to service the conditions and procedures of quail hunting as well as reflect the personalities of their sportsmen owners. Shot on location across the sprawling quail hunting ranches of Southern and Central Texas, Lokey captured the vehicles in their natural environments. Equipped with gun cases, jump seats, dog cages, and an array of comforts and luxuries, the rigs both contrast and reflect the tradition of hunting.

Texas Quail Rigs is available March 27th in two editions.

Trade Edition: $85 / Hardcover, 900 copies, 10X12 landscape, 296 pages
Limited Edition: $600.00 / Clamshell Box, 100 copies signed and numbered, includes an 8 X10 signed photograph.

For more information and to purchase Texas Quail Rigs, please visit: www.texasquailrigs.com

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We are 7107

Posted on by Kevin Carlos

February 22 to 23 weren’t just two ordinary days for many, if not all, music enthusiasts. Two days of endless partying, drinking, and having fun. Two days of 7107 International Music Festival.

Because that event was highly anticipated, Illest had to be there. And so, Mark and the Trilogy group asked  me to gather cars that will represent the brand. I suddenly felt the pressure and all I could think of was “Can we do this?” Thank heavens everything went well while I was handpicking cars that will represent Illest at the “event of the year”. Our ideal line-up was a mix of classic euro’s, race-prepped cars, and flushed ones but due to time constrains and travel time, some of the owners did not make it at the said event.

Meanwhile, here is a quick recap of what happened during the music fest, the Manila Fitted style.

Zig (S14), Donne (BB) and Bing (Corona) quickly said “yes” when I asked them if they wanted to display.

After a year of planning, I finally decided to lower the s15 for the event. David from DMF Drift made the wheels fit with a minimum amount of fender work. The rear camber arms and my ideal fender pull  due paint issues did not make it on time.

Donne drove from Cavite with his BB on Zeit wheels.

For the euro’s, Rouel from “AMG 560″ brought their 964 turbo and S-Class coupe.

Ziggy changed his bolt pattern to 5×114′s so he can fit the Kei office wheels.

Bing drove for more than 250 kilometers (155 miles) in his Corona to join us, talk about commitment to the scene. 


With no time to test drive the suspension set-up, I was afraid at first to drive it to Pampanga because my tires only had a .5mm clearance to the fenders.

My initial reaction when I took this photo was “Parked. Finally, I can rest”.

Not my ideal type of “fitment set-up” but this works, for now.

PV Valdez and “Akira” from RWB Manila/ Car Porn Racing joined us for day 2.

More photos of the car here: https://fatlace.com/2013/12/manila-auto-salon-2013/

It was flattering that people took photos of the cars. 

Kaskade, Empire of the Sun, Kendrick Lamar and The Red Hot Chili Peppers headlined the event . Full line-up here: http://7107imf.com/line-up/

Louie Ang from Trilogy/Pormada rocking that Illest Yolanda fundraiser shirt.

Illest released official shirts for the music fest at the event. 

Anya, Zig, Donne and Bing from Manila Fitted.

With my good friend Jon.

Ira Cordero (far right) was also at the event, he is the designer for Illest Manila.

People came in from all walks of life, everyone was there.


The mandatory welcome photo.


Full line-up, after seeing the photos of the cars I quickly realized how much effort everyone went through to be at the event.

Thank you to David from DMF Drift, Rouel from AMG 560 and the Vans/Trilogy group for your warm hospitality.

On to the next.

These types of events prove that music, streetwear, and the car scene can unite for a cause, “to put Manila on the map”. 

We may be divided into 7107 islands but we, Filipinos, are one.”

Instagram: http://instagram.com/kevcarlos


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Custom SLR Hand Strap Review

Posted on by John P

The Custom SLR hand strap is one of the company’s latest products. Often there are times when I just want to be strap free on shoots, but still require some security for added insurance. The strap is very affordable at only $14.95 and does just want it is intended to do.

The Custom SLR hand strap has an ergonomic fit and is made from a comfortable neoprene material.

Silicone prints on the back help keep your hand in place.

The strap can work along with a tripod with the extra M-Plate Pro and Hand Strap Attachment.

Installation is easy and straight forward. Be sure to install the strap to the M-Plate first before installing on the camera as this is the easiest way to feed the straps through. Also the hand strap attachment must be attached to the M-Plate Pro first before mounting on the camera.

Overall, this is a great strap for the price. It’s a very straight forward design and the materials are nice and lightweight. It is adjustable so you can have it as tight or loose to your preference. I do suggest keeping it with a little room to ensure that you can have access to the on-camera controls such as ISO (on Canons).

Save an additional 15% your purchase with the code “JOHNP14″

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