Hi Friends,
It’s been a while hasn’t it? So long, I actually forgot my login password to access this blog, haha. So it’s Friday, just got off work and I’m prepping for my buddy Antonio Alvendia’s event, 86FEST over at Fontana Speedway, so a little car wash was in order. It so happened my buddies James Oliver was also in need of a wash so I invited him to join me at a local coin wash. James recently completed his wide-body SC430 built and painted by the brother at Buddha Concept Designs, the same gentlemen that built my wide-body GS430. I’m absolutely in love on how James’ car came out. It’s truly one of a kind and all the body work is flawless. His front bumper is actually made from a Mode Parfume UCF20(LS400) front bumper, all metal wide body, and you’d never guess his exhaust design was originally from a Corvette. Wild right?  After washing the cars and 6 dollars worth of quarters later, James needed to fill up and I decided to pull out my camera. What better than an impromptu gas station shoot. I hope you guys enjoy the set, I apologize for some of the shots being a tad blurry, I was using an old manual Canon film lens on my Sony A7RII. I kinda dropped the lens a few months back and since then it hasn’t been the same, haha. Anyways, I’ll try my best to peek in from time to time and post up when I can. 🙂



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