While I was still at working out of our Los Angeles store, I got to meet some amazing people. From fans of the brands, to industry personnel and all the way up to famous celebrity’s. Though the one visit that tops almost everything is meeting hip-hop royalty Phife Dawg the Five foot assassin and music producer Rasta Root back in 2012. These last couple of years I’ve actually kept in touch. I’d go back and forth with Rasta, talking about music, cameras and cars. I always told them if they’d ever come back to town, that we need to kick it.

Well It so happens that the guys were performing at an event in DTLA and I got a text from them saying they’d be in town for a few days.  I had them meet me up in Little Tokyo after I got off work. We strolled around the city and chopped it up for a while, then later took them by Illest. It’s always an honor to be with them and you know we had to laced them up with some new threads for the event. Once again, thank you guys for blessing the store with your presence and grateful for your company for the evening.

Enjoy some tunes by Phife – Dear Dilla (Produced by: DJ Rasta Root)

Phife diggy going through our collection.


I think he found something he likes.

My good friend Arnel was actually attending the event that evening, so he came and kicked it. I’ll keep the ATCQ lines out of this post, though it’s so hard to resist, hahaha.


Adam and Phife

Laced up and ready to go!

Shortly after I took them over to our good friends at RIF.LA to have a look. Shortly after, their ride was waiting for them. Till next time my friends.



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