15 Sep 2013

Illest B-Boy Battle 2013 in Japan October 6th

Join us for our 2nd annual Illest B-Boy Battle in Japan on October 6th. Last years event was awesome and see the video below if you missed it. This year we’re bringing Killafornia & Calamities from the USA to battle with the crews in Japan. The event coincides with our

03 Jun 2013

Slammed Society x Hellaflush Hawaii 2013 pt.1

Words: Mark Arcenal / Photos: Anthony Nguyen Again I’ll start off by saying we’re very greatful to have such wonderful friends on the Island. Thank you again for making this event possible and making it a huge success. Sooner or later, we’ll be retiring here. Anyways, I’ll recap with A

24 Apr 2013

The Jacket Show

Growing up when I did, with scribed memories of… kids bringing vinyl flooring out at recess, excitement surrounding the school dance, the highly respected DJ and his many crates, the sounds of Planet Rock, flashing lights and battling b-boys fitted in matching Adidas track suits representin’ their crew. And just like Sanaa Lathan’s

15 Apr 2013


East3: Always good to interview the fam, I knew Jeskilz since our RSC days, mad cool peoples. Jes, Break down a little about your self and what you represent?   Jeskilz: Hey watup East, hope all is well with you. To tell you a lil bit about myself I was born

01 Apr 2013


EAST3:  Bailrok! Mahalo for taking the time to do this interview with me!   You are such an inspiration to all ages! East3:  What or whom inspired you to be a part of Hip Hop and dancing?  At what age did you start dancing? BAILROK:  I have always loved to dance

03 Mar 2013

Photo Dump | Illest B-Boy Battle

This past weekend, I attended the Illest B-Boy Battle in Costa Mesa, CA. I came down for a couple hours to check it out and snap some flicks with the 5D MKIII. A ton of talent was on display with dancers showing off their fancy footwork. I haven’t been to

21 Feb 2013

The Illest B-Boy Contest

Illest and Plus Sign Vibes bring you… ABNORMAL ABILITIES. The Illest B-Boy Battle.  Saturday, March 2, 2013  |  3pm-9pm -3on3 B-Boy Battle for a round trip to the ILLEST Japan event this summer+Clothing, and Trophy ($4000 Value) -2on2 Open Style Battle for $200, Clothing, and Trophy -1on1 Footwork Battle for $100,

11 Feb 2013


EAST3:  Mahalo for taking the time to do this interview and respect to you and the entire San Diego Hip Hop Scene! East3:  What or whom inspired you to be a part of Hip Hop?  Are there San Diego pioneers that have mentored you? CROS:  I actually got into Hip