11 Apr 2013


A new season of drifting and a new opportunity for a Speedhunter feature live at the event with Speedhunter’s #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER. Just like last year’s #featurethis, a photographer from Speedhunters will choose a car at the Slammed Society Showcase to do a feature on live at the event. Look forward to

05 Apr 2013

Fatlace now teaming up with Matt Powers

The 2013 Formula D season is soon approaching and this year we’ve added a new driver to our Fatlace team. Introducing Matt Powers and his brand new 2013 livery. With a new team, a new motor, and new changes with the car’s layout, 2013 is looking to be a great

03 Apr 2013

GT5 Dori: Just Like A New Game

Ever since I started playing GT5 again (after a two year break) it’s pretty much like a new game. It came with drift mode, but sliding was almost impossible for me without spinning out. Jeff A (JA95sc3) of Nemesis and Battle Swing got me back in it. He and his

18 Feb 2013

FATSLT : The 180 that doesn’t care what you think

It’s early Saturday morning, and I am en-route to the shoot location and following my good buddy Hayden Gibbons 180SX on a trailer.  It’s wide, agressive, and is one of those cars that right off the bat doesn’t care whether you love it or hate it.  All this is made

16 Feb 2013

Hellaflush Approved: Lance Harano’s Toyota AE86

To kick of my Hellaflush Approved posts, I have the pleasure feature Lance Harano’s Toyota AE86 gracing Hawaii’s roads on SSR XR-4s.   It epitomizes Hellaflush not only with the SSR XR-4s 175/50/15 wrapped 9″ wide fronts and 195/50/15 wrapped 10″ wide rears, but also with the overall craftsmanship.  With attention

12 Feb 2013

FTLC Motorsports: Word Up! 2.16.13 & Recap

    Two weeks ago, Word Up 2013 commenced its first drifting event for the year which means drifting season is officially in session! Get more pumped as the second drifting event is fast approaching! Register and lock up your spot for Word Up! this Saturday February 16th at the

29 Jan 2013

FTLC Motorsports: Word Up! 2013

  After a quiet year, Word Up is back for 2013 to give you back those monthly drifting sessions! This time we’ll be drifting at the San Joaquin Fairgrounds in Stockton, CA. So choose your date and get your car ready to get some practice in or just to have

29 Jan 2013

Straya Day Drift Festival

For our friends outside of Australia, we Aussies have a habit of truncating words, hence ‘good day’ became ‘G’day’, ‘how are you going’ became ‘ha-ya-garn’ and on our day of national celebration, our beloved country is fondly referred to by many as ‘Straya’. Since our national day is all about getting