09 Nov 2010

Event Coverage ~ 2010 Traffic CC Car Show ~ Ontario

Sunday was the 2010 date for the ever popular Traffic CC Car Show. The show was held again at the Citizen’s Bank Arena. I got to the show around 9am and there were already over 300 cars set up with another couple of hundred waiting to get in. The show

Screen shot 2010-11-09 at 12.39.49 PM
09 Nov 2010

Bench pressing & ALF in an Interview on Lat34.com

Just put up a few moments ago; interview with me on LAT34.com. Lat34 known as more action sports has grown an affinity for the love of cars, smoke and debauchery + they even like and welcome my sense of humor. This interview was fun and they really liked it which

09 Nov 2010

Sema Show 2010

Last week after my visit at San Francisco i went to Las Vegas to visit The Sema Show. It wasn’t the first time for me so i knew what to expect from it. Here some pics of the Show .. Later this week a special about some cars ! Stay

08 Nov 2010

Last Hoorah for the year but not really…

Every year SEMA happens, comes and goes but it’s usually the end of the year for many but not for this train! Here’s my SEMA re-cap… Too early of a flight, 545am, yuck! Hello FORD, I want this new 4 door Ford SVT F150 Raptor, yeah boy! Homies Sean Smith

07 Nov 2010

Best of Sema 2010: Toyota Hi-Lux

Thinking back at Sema this past week on the meetings we had about next years schedule for Slammed Society, I can’t shake the thought of this Toyota Hi-Lux which was displayed in front of the North Hall. Mini Trucks are definitely making a comeback and you’ll see a resurgence in

04 Nov 2010

VIP Yaris!?

Lurking some of my favorite forums. I stopped by too check out VIPcarthailand forum. I’ve noticed a big growth in the import scene over in Thailand and I must tell you the car scene is absolutely crazy! I visited family and attended my grandmother’s funeral last year. During my stay

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04 Nov 2010

Event Coverage ~ 2010 SEMA Show ~ Las Vegas

Stephanie & I were in Las Vegas this week for the 2010 SEMA show. We arrived Monday afternoon and spent two days covering the show. If you have never been to this show, there is lots to see and it takes days to see the whole show. We had specific

NIK_9754 copy
04 Nov 2010

Supastar RS25

After a couple months of side projects and getting my Camera gear completed. It feels awesome to pick up my camera and start shooting again! Tonight after dinner, I set up a shoot with my buddy Albert’s Subaru RS. You may have caught this car at our last Fatlace OneOfOne

02 Nov 2010

685RWHP BMW 525

The car is a 1992 BMW 525i and from the looks of it it looks like your normal everyday BMW 5 series from the 90’s. Turn the ignition and you notice right away, its not your dads bmw. It’s running a BMW M50 engine with a 2.8L (M52) crankshaft, Wiseco