05 Feb 2011

MK5 Brothers

Well i was surfing on the dutch vwforum i saw these two MK5’s. I think there 2 beauty’s and im hope that i get the change to do a full shoot with those guys! Have a good weekend you all ! Photo Credit: VWforum

05 Feb 2011

Store13 x White Rabbit food truck: Car Meet

This week Tepi a very good friend of mine and owner of store13 threw a little meet over at his store. He got a hold of the popular & famous White Rabbit food truck and called over the old Tab tuesday car meet crew to come out and kick it!

04 Feb 2011

Brian’s Slammed A4 Wagon

Our good friend Brian from Rotiform just got featured on Awol. Here it is in all its glory!

03 Feb 2011

Slammed Society Hawaii

We’re not leaving you out Hawaii, we want to see not only Hellaflush cars but vintage and old school, low riders, bikes and custom choppers at our annual event in the Aloha State. And since Aloha Stadium is huge and there’s been a ton of request, so we’re going to

02 Feb 2011

1963 Chevy Nova Wagon

A project that took Cody Ellis and his Dad 5 years to build, this 63 Nova Wagon from Columbus, Ohio is why we exist. Everything from the suspension, interior, to the motor has been redone and together with black paint and air suspension, this car is perfect. I personally have

02 Feb 2011

Event Coverage ~ Grand National Roadster Show ~ Saturday

Saturday we did not get to the show until the late afternoon. We walked around the outside and checked out the cars that were parked throughout the fairgrounds and then checked out the trophy girl contest. We ended the the night back in Building 8 with our Lifestyle friends.

02 Feb 2011

Slammed S13 Coupe

If you know me personally, you probably know that the s13 coupe is one of my favorite cars. Seeing slammed drift cars always breaks my neck. Before the term Hellaflush was coined, the flush and slammed, aggressive look was just a given part of drift styling. I give props to

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30 Jan 2011

Images ~ Grand National Roadster Show ~ Friday

Friday was the first day of the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona. Stephanie & I spent the day there getting some really great images and catching up with alot of our friends.