30 Jan 2011

Evo X

Well guys a while a go posted this golden Toyota Supra on Fatlace,  wich was already the previous car of Maurice. His newest car is finally ready and i spotted his car on a show this weekend. Here some random pics of the car.

29 Jan 2011

Vegas Trip

A few weeks ago the fam went to Vegas. I saw the not so famous residential part. Not bad, they have the shops that make it feel like home such as Starbucks, Best Buy, various burger joints, Home Depot and the list goes on. We also hit up Goldilocks, I

24 Jan 2011

More Word Up, January

This time around I decided to bring an SLR. No rain and needed to keep things interesting while running the tracks. By far this was the smoothest Word Up yet. The drivers are improving and less cones are getting knocked over, haha! We also had a Mogo BBQ swing by

24 Jan 2011

Sunday M&M Donuts Night of Imports Meet

Its been a while since i ventured off to a car meet. I had a day off from the store, why not! Checked out a new meet out in Anaheim with my team Supastars. Pretty good turn out of cars and people. Funny we were greeted with a couple funny

21 Jan 2011

Nissan HYBRID Sunny Truck

I’m still looking for a truck and if anyone has a lead on a Sunny, you know where to find me. Anyways, when we saw this truck at TAS, we noticed right away the motor wasnt normal. It had a INZ-FXE hybrid motor from a Toyota Prius, slammed to the

21 Jan 2011

K-Break StyleWagon

Crazy style wagon rocking some K-Break wheels we saw while at Tokyo Auto Salon. Exterior was cool but the interior is a bit nuts. oh, btw.. when raised, it sits flush. Check out the interior!

20 Jan 2011

Worked Civic

Where do I start? This Civic pops up all over Florida and every time you see it – it’s on some new ridiculous wheels. I’ve seen it on Rega’s, Chrome BBS Rs’s, Teal Rs’s, Works, Volk Re30s, and I’m sure he’s had other wheels I just missed altogether. This car

IMG_9102 edit
20 Jan 2011


Our third Word Up event was held this past Saturday. I awoke to nothing but blue skies and mild temperatures, it was nice to not have to head out to our drift event in snowboard gear. We all arrived nice and early again and started throwing down comes. People got