29 Sep 2010

Miro’s S2000

A while back S2000 owners screamed blasphemy at the sign of any S2000 having wide wheels or being “HellaFlush” – I am happy they started embracing the stance culture & continue putting out quality vehicles such as this one. Photos Courtesy of Phil Fusco (visit Phil’s Flickr for more pix

28 Sep 2010


Mike Burroughs just reinvented his BMW once again. This time it’s chopped and dropped even lower. Love it and see more here. 17×9 -10 / 17×11 -10 24k Gold Plated magnesium Ronal Racing splits.

27 Sep 2010

Event Coverage ~ Brooklyn Projects & Jae Bueno Present “Quiet Storm”

After weeks of shameless self  promotion, my first photo exhibition took place last night at Brooklyn Projects in Pasadena California. The planning for the event started at the end of August and after the response and turn out last night, Melloe Won and I achieved what we set out to

26 Sep 2010

Black & White E30

Thanks to everyone who showed and drifted at Klas_SIK this weekend. One car that stood out at the show was this white E30 convertible. Not being the biggest fan of convertibles, this one had a hard top which made me think twice about them. Onto the photos… Nice bike. Whoa..

26 Sep 2010

Fatlace Klas:sik

For those that might of fallen off the face of the earth for the past month, we had our Fatlace Klas:sik at the Solano Fairgrounds this afternoon. Nothing but sun, cars, and tire smoke. The crew arrived bright and early to the faces of anxious drifters ready to lay down

25 Sep 2010

Jetta On Blades

Good stuff from Carl M. showin how dope Vett sawblades can look on jetta. Gotta love how the wheel game doesn’t discriminate. As long as it looks fresh. Pics via Sean aka Cirocksf

24 Sep 2010


I’ve seen slammed 911’s before, heck, I have one but this one’s gotta take the cake for possibly being the lowest one out there.

23 Sep 2010

JDM Allstars Wembley 2010 Film – 1080p

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/15188045[/vimeo] Round 4 Final Results 1st Pawel Trela -Poland ASUS Nissan S13 RB25DET 2nd Nigel Colfer-Ireland Nissan Drive n StyleS13 1JZGTE 3rd George Tilling -UK Mint Tyres Nissan R32 For the full event report go to jdmallstars.com/​blog Edited by Al Clark at Trackday Films Cameras: Josh Allen, Al Clark &

23 Sep 2010

Fatlace x V2LAB – Wallpaper

2560 x 1440 | 1900 x 1200 | 1600 x 1200 Just an update with a free wallpaper! After dealing with everything from my computer crashing to my car electrically losing its mind – I am back at it. Hope everyone likes the picture! Mixing it up between Jdm &

23 Sep 2010

Slammed Society, Invincible.

Slammed Society was created to umbrella all the styles of tuning fatlace is into. Whether its VIP, Hellaflush, JDM, Bagged, Racing, it covers the topic. For our first decal, we’ve come up with the term Invincible in tetagaki. Sure, it can be translated and taken different but in this case,