20 Jan 2011

Clean Green Aussie Machine

Brisbane Australia’s Anthony D. sent us photos of his clean S14. There’s a lot of attention to detail here. I really like how the fenders flare out. Not to mention the nice build! Cool ride inside and out. Engine: HKS EVC4 boost controller Power FC D-Jetro CP forged pistons Eagle

19 Jan 2011

Word Up Jan 16th

Here are some pictures from last weekend’s Word Up event.  Sunny weather and a great turn out made for some a pretty great drifting day.  The ratio of returning drivers and new drivers was just right.  Also, it’s interesting to see the drivers who have attended the previous 2 events

19 Jan 2011

Nate “Tex” Hamilton’s new “rocket launcher”

Aspirations, what are yours? There’s a dude out in Texas, hence the name “Tex”, that has aspirations, is eager, ready to FUEL VICTORY with NOS Energy Drink and is working hard at the drift game, his name; Nate Hamilton… He competed in XDC in 2010 and has grown to be

17 Jan 2011

Drifted 350 from Texas

Mario G sends us photos of his clean ’08 350Z. I love seeing a flush Z. What makes it more appealing is when I know it’s driven hard. Below you can see his current mods. He’s getting ready for the upcoming drift season. I wonder what he has in store?

17 Jan 2011

Hellaflush Laguna Civic

Ever see a car you always notice driving by you and go wtf?! shits sick!! but never see it parked or in one place lol. Well its been happening to me with this car for the past few months. So there was this civic that I saw always rolling through

16 Jan 2011


Cruising on a Sunday heading to Sohi Garage I couldn’t help but to stop and capture the sunset. Shot by my little Ricoh GR3 point and shoot camera by South Point…

Screen shot 2011-01-17 at 6.54.29 AM
16 Jan 2011

Tokyo Auto Salon 2011 Video Coverage!

Grant Wilson always had some really nice coverage from events in Japan over the years. And he has out done himself this year. Not only getting a good photo set, but he has a video to go with it! After your done watching the dope video, go check out his

15 Jan 2011

My idea of playing in the snow..

Recently, DC got hit with about 4-6″ of snow and I have been meaning to shoot my Audi S4. I just bought BBS LM’s for the winter, so what better occasion?  Car is AWE Tuning Stage 3. I kept it very Euro OEM+ with the  RS4 front end/Euro S4 rear,