02 Nov 2010

685RWHP BMW 525

The car is a 1992 BMW 525i and from the looks of it it looks like your normal everyday BMW 5 series from the 90’s. Turn the ignition and you notice right away, its not your dads bmw. It’s running a BMW M50 engine with a 2.8L (M52) crankshaft, Wiseco

02 Nov 2010

Readers Rides: 2009 Si

Clean example of a daily driver without the crazed out rear camber. 2009 Civic Si sitting on Skunk2 Suspension with oG Axis wheels. These photos were submitted by Alex Mora. If you’d like to submit your ride, please email 4 or more AWESOME NON Watermarked photos with a description of

01 Nov 2010

Scion TC GT Revealed

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/16381450[/vimeo] This is a behind the scenes look at John Pangilinan’s official entry into the 2010 Scion Tuner Challenge for the 2011 Scion tC. The project was slated for a 3 month build from start to finish, with the winner to be announced at 2010 SEMA held in Las Vegas,

01 Nov 2010

Get your tentacles on my Jarod DeAnda stickers!

The annual SEMA Show 2010 is in Las Vegas this week… Nov 2-5 2010 Guess what I’ll have on me to give out?!?!?! My personal signature stickers… Why an octopus?!?! Octopus because well I always have a bunch of stuff going on, 8 different things at once if not more…

01 Nov 2010

All Star Camaro

Come See The New Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharged aLL STaR Performance Chevy Camaro SS At SEMA 2010 (Booth #22963) With the Chevrolet Camaro SS being at the forefront of the modern muscle movement, the aLL STaR team took note of the design that GM originally wanted to market and made it

31 Oct 2010

Project MKX Part 4

The build has come together nicely. We have been fortunate to work some of the top brands and leaders in the industry on this project. Taking inspiration and working with James Bond of UNDFTD we were able to incorporate a host of influences on the project based on the Undefeated

31 Oct 2010

Project Lincoln MKX Part 3

It’s been a mad dash prepping for SEMA. The lack of updates has been due to several very long nights of working to get this vehicle and one other (I’ll post about soon) ready for the convention. In the last couple weeks Project MKX has transformed from a stock modern

30 Oct 2010

Sneak Peek ~ DUB Magazine Issue Sixty Nine

Here are some of the covers of the next issue of DUB Magazine. This is issue sixty nine and it is filled with some great content included a photo shoot with SouthSide Car Club by Stephanie. She took the lead on this one and killed it! If you are attending

29 Oct 2010

Stance of the Union 2010 Recap

Following up Mark’s last post, Whip360 x Stance of the Union, here’s a well put together video by LK Photo. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzp6P3eOLsY[/youtube]

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27 Oct 2010

Event Coverage ~ La Gente Super Show ~ Imperial Valley Expo

Saturday morning I drove to California’s Imperial Valley to attend the 18th annual La Gente Super Show at the Imperial Valley Expo. This is the Imperial Valley’s longest running and largest car show. The show is supported by car clubs from all over California, Baja California and Arizona. The show