26 Dec 2010

Word em Up

Word Up the other week was a good time as always. I did a few ride-alongs w/ Mark, Phil and Jan. Also was able to do some donuts in Mark’s track monster. First round I somehow lost his air filter. After Rob reattached it, Mel sat in with me and

18 Dec 2010

Mike Giant X Mike Kershnar : LET’S PARTY

Come to Gallery Heist tonight 7pm-11pm at  679 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA to peep the collaborative works of Bay Area locals: Mike Giant and Mike Kershnar. Both OG skateboard artists for think and element respectively , their unique styles contrast and complement each other, as do their chill personalities check this lead-up video for

16 Dec 2010

02.12.2011 – Hellaflush / Slammed Society Hawaii

UPDATE: 2.9.2011 OFFICIAL AFTERPARTY!! FRESH Cafe 831 Queen Street Honolulu, Hawaii 9pm til.. UPDATE: 2.2.2011 We’ve added a section for you who’ve been asking us “what about other cars?” Well, here it is. Slammed Society Hawaii. We’ll be sectioning off an area for low riders, custom choppers, sportbikes, & vintage

08 Dec 2010

Autocon: Los Angeles

This weekend ill be checking out AutoconLA & The Toys For Tots event. Checking out some of So-cals Finest and with a good cause… More Info @ AutoconLA.com See you guys there _Yogi ABOUT THE EVENT: Christmas comes early this year as AutoCon LA and the U.S. Marine Corps Toys

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07 Dec 2010

Images ~ Photo Dump

Here’s a photo dump of what I have been working on for the past couple of weeks. Photo shoots ,event coverage and shop visits. Shop Visit Photo Shoots Event Coverage Picked up a new Nikon body and took it out to the desert to try it out.

Screen shot 2010-12-05 at 5.33.22 AM
05 Dec 2010

Gymkhana Grid: Ken Block Desktop

Its been a long day, I feel restless. I personally blame GT5 for keeping me up so late when i need to sleep haha. I think I’ve inhaled a little more smoke then I should of and this bear needs to hibernate. But tonight i leave with a desktop goodie.

25 Nov 2010

Word Up, yo

Word up was a lot of fun. Day started super early. Sun wasn’t even up yet. Why is it much easier to wake up for a motorsport event than getting up for work? Hmmmm. Started with a stop at the gas station. I’m so glad we didn’t have to drive

24 Nov 2010

Rockin’ Jalopy’s Motorama Rosmalen

Well last weekend was the Rockin’Jalopy’s Motorama in Rosmalen in The Netherlands. This event is only focused on Hotrod, American Cars and Hotrods.. There was plenty enough cool cars on the show.. Here some pics of it!

23 Nov 2010

Fixx Fest 7 Promo Video

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/17179680[/vimeo] Fixx Fest 7 Promo video from Tampa, Florida (to go along with the Hella Flush Audi’s I posted a couple days ago) Ravi

23 Nov 2010

Images ~ More From The 2010 LA Auto Show

One of the things that puzzled me this year at the LA Auto Show was the use of the barriers during the media days. You’d think the manufacturers would want unobstructed images of their vehicles on the web and in print.  I can understand the use of them during the