11 Sep 2010

Lookout: Matt Field & Tyler McQuarrie

Make sure to root for one of our sponsored drivers this weekend, Matt Field. He made it once again into the 32 and with his new motor setup, he’s found some power to make it into the round with the big money sponsored drivers. LETS GO MATT! Also, root for

09 Sep 2010

Time Attack Japanese Car Festival

During the event of Japanse Car Festival there was also Time Attack on the circuit. The Time Attack in The Netherlands has 3 classes, Semi Pro Street, Pro Street and Extreme.. Everybody is always waiting for the extreme clas becasue all the fastest cars will be on the track then.

06 Sep 2010

Japanese Car Festival

Yesterday the Japanese Car Festival was hold on the circuit of Assen in The Netherlands. The title of the event says it already: Only Japanese cars are allowed. Here some pics!

06 Sep 2010

Event Coverage ~ IDRC International Finals ~ California Speedway

I spent Saturday morning at California Speedway with the DSTROYR & Motor Mavens crew at the IDRC International Finals. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a drag racing event let alone a sport compact drag racing event. Many of you may not know this, but I was part

02 Sep 2010

One/One Vegas

Vegas heat is something else. At 107˚AC is your friend no matter what time it is.  And without sunblock, skin cancer seems only seconds away. But at dusk, the round ball of fire in the sky fades behind the jagged horizon and finally, it’s actually possible to enjoy yourself. The

02 Sep 2010

Targa Trophy Bay Area Rally Fest Recap

The Targa Trophy just wrapped-up Event #2 of the 2010 Triple Crown Series. The Bay Area Rally Fest presented by NOS Energy Drink included over 40 exotics, super cars, sports cars, and of course a couple vintage cars courtesy of Fatlace. The W San Francisco hosted the rally and was

27 Aug 2010

Skyline x Targa Trophy

Update! Vinyl & Coilovers. Felix and I will be cruising the Targa Trophy this Saturday with the Kenmeri & GT2000 representing the Imports. We’re looking for a passenger to cruise and film. If you’re interested, hit us up in the comments. Here’s the latest from the GT2000. Bumper’s, Wing, Chrome

26 Aug 2010

Formula D Las Vegas

What’s there not to like about Vegas? You have the best food in the world, legal gambling, strip clubs, and it’s always a party. Then again…there’s the extreme heat during the Summer, lack of sleep, and the magical hangover experience. Formula D returned to Sin City for Round 5: After

26 Aug 2010

Targa Trophy Rally

Start your engines! Mark and Felix will be participating in the Targa Trophy Triple Crown Road Rally Series 2010 this weekend to represent Fatlace. They’re gonna show all those Ferraris and Lambos how it’s done, old school style. Mark will be piloting his 1972 Skyline Hakosuka, and Felix will be

Stay Gold SF
25 Aug 2010

Emerica Stay Gold SF Premiere

Unfortunately I won’t be around Sunday for the premiere but I sort of already ruined most of the video by checking out the bootlegs online and hearing about all the rumors. Here is a tease…all of Jerry Hsu’s tricks are switch and Heath Kirchart’s last trick is on the mega