10 Apr 2011

Long Beach GP 2011

Well the racing circus is in the town of Long Beach and Formula D is about set to kick off its inaugural race for 2011. Being a part of the FD Show this season with our Society Car Showcase, we’re able to check out the event before the event goes

07 Apr 2011

Sonoma Drift Exhibition & Charity CarShow

Infineon Raceway is presenting Sonoma Drift there every Wednesday night to the public to spectate or even join! So, on April 13th, 2011 there will be a car show, drift event, and drag. Spectators can watch one of the three or even all of the three. With all the proceeds

06 Apr 2011

Event Photos ~ Young & Reckless Presents Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory Season 4 Premiere Celebration ~ Hollywood

Monday night Stephanie & I attended the Young & Reckless premiere celebration for season four of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory on MTV. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years. Young & Reckless is the apparel line that was launched by Drama who is

06 Apr 2011

Wekfest LA by Fatlace X Weksos

Mark it on your calendars.  Wekfest LA happening June 5th!  Wekfest III in SF had over 1,300 applicants but only 470 were chosen, so register your car soon as the available spaces will fill up fast! Presale tickets are only $10, so save some money and buy yours early. For more

Yas Marina track
14 Mar 2011

Formula D in Abu Dhabi

Im not going to write much about this blog. I have so many pictures I’m just going to leave litlle captions. The trip was so unbelievable. Such a great group went and everybody was on the same page the whole time. Everybody had a blast. I’d like to thank Karl

24 Feb 2011

Libertine off Sunset

My cousins were talking about doing a marathon in the Pasa Robles/Coalinga on Friday, and had asked if I wanted to hitch a ride with them. So not even 12 hours after J’s flight back to LA from the bay, I found myself packing for LA and on my way

22 Feb 2011

WEK’FEST III 2011 Event Coverage~

Westcoast’s finest. That seems to be the theme of this year’s wekfest event, one of the most anticipated car shows in the nation. Three hundred and fifty works of arts that screamed passion, ingenuity, creativity, and just straight up swag. Over 15,000 people in attendance waiting in line just to

22 Feb 2011

Formula Drift – Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi

Just landed a few hours ago, this place its magical! I’m about to get ready to head to the track, first day out in the desert… this should be fun 🙂 jmartinez

20 Feb 2011

Who’s in store Japantown HQ!

So this weekend there have been many visitors coming in from all over the U.S. for the Wek’fest car show and many have found there way here to Japantown Headquarters! Sorry I wasn’t able to get many snaps of everyone but we do appreciate everyone who did come in to

minerall wells
20 Feb 2011

Minerall Wells Drifting

The trip started out with both Bjones and Tengku Djan having to bail because of work. Total bummer. I went to NH a few days early to work on my car a bit. When I got there it dumped snow for two solid days So I couldn’t do much. After