23 May 2014

No Need To Unhook My Bra (NSFW)

I’ve been sitting at my work desk for a couple of hours now, and I noticed that I’m breathing so, so much easier. I’m feeling free flowing, sexy, and relaxed, and it’s cause I stepped outta the house today leaving my lacy, overly expensive Victoria’s Secret bra at home. With

20 May 2014

Deadprez Interrupting Your Feed

   Sorry to interrupt your feed, boys. My name is Deadprez. I’m a street style enthusiast, and an aspiring HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge), who is here to give you a look into the world of a new breed of women. Now, I don’t know shit about cars (…sorry, Mark. Just

14 May 2014

Dear Mama

My baes know me so well. QT plus the simple things to show me “You are appreciated.” Love ya baes! But first…coffee, poetry and desserts at a new local spot after happy hour with my ninjaboos. Pear Street BistroGarlic infused hummus, olives and grilled flat bread.Petite chicken and wafflesPommes fritesCrab

30 Apr 2014


Been over a month since my last full blog post and I’m feelin’ a little rusty! Luckily, like Stella, I got my girls to help get my groove back. So without further ado… First, din with the ninjaboos to celebrate booski’s day of birth. Then massages and mimosas with the

14 Mar 2014

Ladylike for Illest

Ladylike for Illest drops online on the 21st at illest.com, fatlace.com/shop and Illest Hawaii. They are now available for purchase at our illest retail stores in Los Angeles and Costa Mesa and at the Fatlace Paddock in San Mateo.

11 Mar 2014

Ladylike Spring 2014

Ladylike is now available in our LA and OC illest retail stores, watch out for our online release on March 21st!

08 Jan 2014


Holiday: check! The Bay: check! Vacay: check! Pics of my HoliBayCay… (in dat E-40 lingo…feel me?) Sunsets be on fiyah lately.And an actual fire. With toasted marshmallows (of course).Christmas spread.And post-Christmas…with the boos breaking bread. “HNY!” said Cosmo.Were you listening to DJ Mind Motion New Year’s Day?  I was!Yum! 2013…you

09 Dec 2013

A little crazy won’t hurt nobody

Who said carting was only made for boys. After a crazy work day at the Paddock, we reward ourselves by drifting some crazy carts. A little crazy won’t hurt nobody from fatlace on Vimeo.

03 Dec 2013

Holiday ’13 Special Cut/Sew Release with Ms Ashley Vee

Illest Holiday Cut and Sew ’13 is now available for purchase on fatlace.com/shop

30 Nov 2013


This year was supposed to be my first Thanksgiving staying in New York, so I figured I’d gather my motley crew of friends and do an epic feast of sorts. Turns out I’m now in the Bay stuffed to the gills from the most incredible array of traditional Chinese fare