11 Mar 2014

Ladylike Spring 2014

Ladylike is now available in our LA and OC illest retail stores, watch out for our online release on March 21st!

08 Jan 2014


Holiday: check! The Bay: check! Vacay: check! Pics of my HoliBayCay… (in dat E-40 lingo…feel me?) Sunsets be on fiyah lately.And an actual fire. With toasted marshmallows (of course).Christmas spread.And post-Christmas…with the boos breaking bread. “HNY!” said Cosmo.Were you listening to DJ Mind Motion New Year’s Day?  I was!Yum! 2013…you

09 Dec 2013

A little crazy won’t hurt nobody

Who said carting was only made for boys. After a crazy work day at the Paddock, we reward ourselves by drifting some crazy carts. A little crazy won’t hurt nobody from fatlace on Vimeo.

03 Dec 2013

Holiday ’13 Special Cut/Sew Release with Ms Ashley Vee

Illest Holiday Cut and Sew ’13 is now available for purchase on fatlace.com/shop

30 Nov 2013


This year was supposed to be my first Thanksgiving staying in New York, so I figured I’d gather my motley crew of friends and do an epic feast of sorts. Turns out I’m now in the Bay stuffed to the gills from the most incredible array of traditional Chinese fare

26 Nov 2013


Since transitioning to an ad agency and working from SOHO instead of Midtown, I’ve been indulging in sneakers, destroyed boyfriend denim and baggy knits/sweaters more often than I care to admit. By “more often than I care to admit,” I may or may not mean everyday. (Sorry Mom!) But what

20 Nov 2013

You Girl

This one’s for my nearest and dearest… celebrating new beginnings as a Mrs. To destiny, love…and happily ever after. “To Have and to Hold” by Eleanor Magallanes When a soul finds its mate, it is described as an emotion beyond belief, that saying I love you seems contained, too tamed

06 Nov 2013

Forever 39

Just hit 39 and feeling like a fine wine. So it begins… the last of my thirties… and I’m going to savor every minute. Cheers…to the blessed years. Cugini with the #ninjaboos      Olives  Prosciutto with Melon  Caesar  Vegetariana Pizza  Spaghetti con pomodoro with chicken  Spaghetti and meatballs  

01 Oct 2013

Where My Girls At?

Marinating with the bests this past weekend was one for the books. Just like old times we got the entire crew together for a nonstop party celebrating love and infinite friendship. Congrats to my nearest, dearest and soon to be…Mrs.! Countdown to the 808 getdown!  But first…where my girls at?

04 Sep 2013

Don’t Call It a Comeback

These nonstop, hustlin, gettin up, doin thangs, makin moves, not to mention all about the community, gyals are at it again. This time making the cover of Infamous Magazine. Leaving marks everywhere they go, don’t call it a comeback…Few & Far‘s just gettin warm.  The Infamous Magazine presents: Don’t Call