29 Nov 2015

Essen Motor Show 2015

Essen Motor Show 2015! From Michael Burroughs of Stance Works to Akira Nakai of RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF, they all flew over to Germany! It was my first time, but not the last one. EMS is a must see show, it’s a mix of everything. And finally I saw the legendary Rusty Slammington, definitely an eye

27 Nov 2015

RS Hardcore Gepfeffert Audi TT S Coupé

Enjoy my newest video of this beautiful Audi TTS Coupé 2.0 TFSi, rollin’ on 20″ OZ Racing Ultraleggera & wrapped in anthrazit-metallic-matt. Modifications List Exterior: – Car is wrapped anthrazit-metallic-matt (original color is phantom-black) – Carbon filler cap – Fullcarbon wing rear spoiler – Carbon sword front and rear – Fullcarbon mirror caps –

27 Nov 2015

Basketball Forever: End Of An Era

The 00 generation – an era of basketball I’ve grown-up watching to. It may not be as ‘tough’ as the 90’s, but these guys won’t go down without a fight. What’s good now is that reminiscing about these moments takes away the feeling of competition during their era. Basketball was just basketball

26 Nov 2015

The Sole Academy Sneaker Carnival

All roads lead to the SM MOA Concert Grounds this Sunday, November 29 as Sole Academy will hold its first ever Sneaker Carnival. Being a whole-day lifestyle event, the schedule of festivities will cement the stature of the Philippines in the global sneaker scene. Here are some of the attractions that are

Liberty Walk 458
22 Nov 2015

Walk on by

Wide-body, aggressive fender flares, crazy aero. I don’t think this trend will slow down anytime soon. But how about applying these styling choices to a platform which doesn’t need modification, say like, a… Ferrari? To purists, blasphemous, but for the adventurous, why not? I mean, <sarcasm> I wouldn’t want to look

E-PNW (0)
20 Nov 2015

Explore PNW

Last weekend, we drove 2 hours in torrential rain and braved the frigid wind at Cape Kiwanda…but it was all worth it because of the great company of everyone who came out to the Mighty Killers x Pacific Northwest Wonderland hosted event Explore PNW. Unfortunately we didn’t make it all

20 Nov 2015

Bagged Mercedes-Benz

  I present to you, the dopest lookin’ Benz of Belgium. Rolling on custom made DPE Wheels & bagged with AccuAir Suspension + E-level. Enjoy the movie, cheers!

19 Nov 2015

You Gots to Chill

It’s officially cold in the Bay. And when it’s cold, we dim sum. Another cold-weather pasttime… #Ikea Hej då!        

17 Nov 2015


If you’ve been living without Netflix then you’ve probably missed their original new violent drama series NARCOS.      The story follows two cartels, the Cali Cartel and the infamous Medellin Cartel which was lead by the notorious Pablo Escobar. At the peak of the Medellin Cartel, they were bringing in

16 Nov 2015


        Westside, STAND-UP! Reporting live from ILLEST LA, this is Ferrariartie, back with another (“ANOTHA 1“) “BEATS W/ ARTIE”! I present to you, Pasadena’s own, WE55! Fresh off of signing a major record deal with powerhouse Def Jam Recordings, with an affiliation to LA Unified, ran by mister