28 Sep 2015

Magnus Walker X MOMO Italy: The Urban Outlaw is the #ILLEST!

Give me a second, while I clean the spiderwebs that have been collecting over my time away! No worries, I coming back with some heat, hotter than your mixtape and girlfriend combined! Do I got a # 45 on my back?…Cuz I’m back like MJ, BABY! I recently attended the

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25 Sep 2015

Forest For The Trees & Beyond

For the past few years, I’ve been lucky to witnesses first hand the growth of Pow Wow Hawaii from a local neighborhood event on Oahu to now adding color and life to walls internationally in various events throughout America and Asia. Coinciding with our move from Hawaii to Portland, I

24 Sep 2015


In terms of style, I have always placed myself in the “wears whatever she fucking wants” category. Since I was a kid I marched to the beat of my own drum; my 3 Swatch watch wrist, perfectly circled sunnies, and baggy printed surf pants proved that. I was fully aware

23 Sep 2015

Meeting of Styles SF

Once upon a time on the last days of Summer and the hottest weekend of the year, a little event happened, where graff artists from the Bay and beyond, crew after crew got up in alley after alley… Meeting of Styles San Francisco, 2015      

22 Sep 2015

Hurley Youth: The Future of Surfing

Hurley Youth has launched their official trailer for a new video series that will feature some of the best and brightest young surfers in the world. The talent of these kids is unreal and they will be sure to push the sport even further into the future.

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21 Sep 2015

Thank you America

The holiday blues are still going strong, memories have been carved into my brain forever and my eyes have been opened up to a whole new place I love.  So much so, I’ve already booked flights to come back for March…this time for 17 days. 2 weeks ago, I came

Endless mimosas again.  Because did I mention endless?
16 Sep 2015


Sun daze. Sun days. Sundaze.   #LeilaBytheBay And I can’t forget… SUNDAYS! ‘Tis the season! #ninergang

14 Sep 2015


A couple weeks ago, Ben Baller tweeted “Jesus Christ. This new sneaker store Magnolia Park is about to shut down mad stores in so cal. They have so much heat. Dear lord [insert flame emoji here].” He was talking about the newly opened 5000 square foot space on Magnolia Blvd in

#Krash #TDK
11 Sep 2015

The Liks

The last major holiday before summer ends and it was the liks. #FirstFridays in the Town, mandatory brunch with the gyals, and finally, the Bay’s own hip hop holiday. #HieroDay  Scroll down for how I spent #PlayborDay. It’s the liks baby…it’s the liks. ‘Til next year! #HieroDay P.S. #Staycool Yay

10 Sep 2015

Multee Project x Raised by Wolves Type-2L Carabiner

Available as of today (multee)project and Raised By Wolves (RBW) have released a special edition Type-2L Carabiner. The matte red colorway draws inspiration from RBW’s Canadian roots and the autumn landscapes. The utilitarian piece features a Raised By Wolves stamped on hand-stitched premium leather accent and comes in special packaging.