22 Feb 2011

Fatlace Social Club

This week’s Fatlace Social Club image is by mjcabuco.  Since there weren’t any images in the group that really matched last week’s theme, I just picked this image of a fine collection of stickers on what is easily one of my favorite Supras out there. Next week’s theme: Toy collections.

20 Feb 2011

Who’s in store Japantown HQ!

So this weekend there have been many visitors coming in from all over the U.S. for the Wek’fest car show and many have found there way here to Japantown Headquarters! Sorry I wasn’t able to get many snaps of everyone but we do appreciate everyone who did come in to

20 Feb 2011

Phife from A Tribe Called Quest

Phife rocks the illest cause he is. Tribe is my F-GOAT. (Favorite Group Of All Time.) Check out Quaddus‘ interview with Phife during grammy week in LA about the documentary Michael Rapaport decided to do about the legendary hip hop group Tribe Called Quest which was one of the biggest

17 Feb 2011

Getting Creative

People have been taking our Illest wrist strap and using it for things other then cellphones. Jake from TheKenGarden.com stopped by the shop yesterday and thought of a great idea to use the wrist strap as a holder for his Kendama. Here is a little video Jake put together on

16 Feb 2011

Fresh from the Aloha State

Hawaii. What is there NOT to like about this island? You got Zippys, nice weather, awesome culture, beautiful scenery, and did I mention some of the freshest rides I have ever laid my eyes on? Oh yea, they have some pretty bad ass drifters from the Aloha State, but i’m

16 Feb 2011

Fatlace Japantown: New Items and Restocks

Our Fatlace store in San Francisco Japantown received a few new/restocked items. New items consist of Fatlace dice valve caps, Fatlace sunglasses, Slammed Society frames, and now size XS in our Illest ziggy shirt! Our restock consists of vinyl stickers, stickers, and more sizes of our illest and fatlace gear.

15 Feb 2011

Fatlace: Thanks for the stickers!

Received three envelopes today with stickers from around the world. Thanks guys for the stickers! These will be slapped on the door asap.

14 Feb 2011

Best of Hellaflush Hawaii: Aloha Wagon

The Honda Accord was the best selling Japanese car in America from 1982–97. Reliability, Affordable, and styling geared towards family comes to mind when you think of a Honda Accord making it one of the world’s most reliable vehicles So when they released this version of the Accord wagon, my

14 Feb 2011

Fatlace Social Club

This week’s Fatlace Social Club winner is by Kimihiro-kun.  I think we can all agree, these beauties would break necks no matter what they were attached to.  Wonder what they were on… Next week’s theme: Your favorite road.  That one wonderful ribbon of asphalt that makes you forget about the world.

13 Feb 2011

Who’s in store @ Fatlace HQ Japantown!

Misha and her family came down from the East Bay on this Beautiful Sunday to Fatlace Headquarters to pick up some new stickers and accessories. Thanks for coming out today! Thanks for Visting Misha! 1630 Post X Laguna San Francisco, CA 94115