08 Feb 2011

Car visit over at Illest Boutique!

One of our customers came by w/ a super sick s14! We chopped it up for a while and i got a couple snaps of his ride outside the store. He’ll be driving up for WordUp in april to drift this bad boy. So check it out when it makes

A4A 2
08 Feb 2011

Android for All.. Design Contest!

MetroPCS and SA Studios Global Launch Android for All Campaign and Design Contest and recently, we were asked to collaborate and design an Android of our very own. We decided to go with a Samurai theme as it was oh so fitting for this project. Enter at This campaign

08 Feb 2011

Sticker Bomb

Many of you know we are sticker bombing our front door at our San Francisco Japantown shop. Here is a little update on how its going. Thanks to everyone who has been sending stickers! There is still plenty of room on the door, so send some or come by the

07 Feb 2011

Fatlace Social Club

This week’s Fatlace Social Club winner is by Sudwi. A.  A great collection of shots that’s making me pretty hungry just looking at them.  I have to admit though, the beer did help! Next week: Rims- It doesn’t matter what ride it’s on, what the stance is, etc.  I’m only looking

07 Feb 2011

Fatlace visits Enkei

We cruised by an Enkei’s factory in Nagoya, Japan while we were with Itchy from AME. Enkei if you don’t know is thee largest wheel manufacturer in the world. They produce wheels for almost all Japanese car brands as well as other car manufacturers in the business. You see their

05 Feb 2011

New V2 Illest Lanyards and wrist straps at Fatlace Japantown SF!

That’s right, version two of the illest glow in the dark lanyard and wrist straps are here and better than ever! which is available at Fatlace Headquarters in Japantown!  Come and get these while supplies last! 1630 POST X LAGUNA SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94122

04 Feb 2011

return of the ARC frame

I remember Dude bought this frame when I first started working here at fatlace.  Amazing to see what it’s been thru in the last few years having been ridden everyday. Clear coat chipped in spots and some surface rust here and there. Doesn’t bother him at all tho. It’s like

04 Feb 2011

New lanyards in stock over @ Illest Boutique!

Fresh new lanyards arrived today at Illest Boutique LA!

03 Feb 2011


INSA is in SF, making some amazing pieces during his stay including give a little fresh life to the slammed van.  Come check out his exhibition at Upper Playground!  Grand opening is tonight at 7pm.

03 Feb 2011

Slammed Society Hawaii

We’re not leaving you out Hawaii, we want to see not only Hellaflush cars but vintage and old school, low riders, bikes and custom choppers at our annual event in the Aloha State. And since Aloha Stadium is huge and there’s been a ton of request, so we’re going to