15 Apr 2011

Fatlace Spring Tees pt.1

These Spring Fatlace tees arrived today and will be available tomorrow at the Fatlace Store in San Francisco and the Illest Boutique in Los Angeles. If you’re in the San Francisco Area, come thru and say whats up and check out the Cherry Blossom Festival going on this weekend. Expect

15 Apr 2011

Fatlace Society x FD Long Beach

Promo for the upcoming edit by our tour videographer this year, Abbitt Wilkerson.

14 Apr 2011

Manny Pacquiao x Big Black x Illest

As many of you guys know we’ve done alot in the past with Manny and Nike with our Store in San Francisco. This time around we’re doing it with our sister store in Los Angeles for his upcoming fight with Shane Mosely. In less than 2 weeks, more specifically April

14 Apr 2011

New Look

We’re working on a new look for the site so please bear with us as we edit and tweak for the next few days. Thanks for your patience!

12 Apr 2011

Fixed Fight 5

Fatlace is proud to be a sponsor for Fixed Fixed 5 in St.Petersburg, Florida. So if you’re out in Florida and looking to either enter, watch a good race or just to hang out, hit up Fixed Fight 5! Fixed Fight 5 – St. Petersburg, Florida Here’s what TJS

12 Apr 2011

Fatlace Social Club

This week’s Fatlace Social Club winner is by …M@… Nothing like getting some real work done.  Wonder what VAG ride these guys will go into.

11 Apr 2011

Formula D x Slammed Society Showcase LBC 2011

Came out Saturday morning to the stench of burnt tires. Left Saturday afternoon with the smell of the same tires, and a smile on my face. Huge turnout and an awesome vibe made a great day of drifting and just flat out sick cars.. Congratulations to all the winners at

10 Apr 2011

Japantown Cherry Blossom Pt.1

Cherry Blossom Festival Kicked off this weekend and there were many people to come hang out, watch performances, grab food, and listen to some good music.  If you haven’t stopped by this weekend be sure to come by next weekend and check out the car show and parade while grabbing