Japantown Cherry Blossom Pt.1

Cherry Blossom Festival Kicked off this weekend and there were many people to come hang out, watch performances, grab food, and listen to some good music.  If you haven’t stopped by this weekend be sure to come by next weekend and check out the car show and parade while grabbing some good food!

New Window Decal

Just placed the new window decal as part of our Japan relief fund. Come by and check it out. Hella people coming thru and snapping photos. Special thanks to Chishiro, Meina and Zimu who are from Japan but studying here in SF for helping me placing up the decal. – Patrick

Wekfest LA by Fatlace X Weksos

Mark it on your calendars.  Wekfest LA happening June 5th!  Wekfest III in SF had over 1,300 applicants but only 470 were chosen, so register your car soon as the available spaces will fill up fast! Presale tickets are only $10, so save some money and buy yours early. For more info and registration instructions, go…

Fatlace Social Club

This week’s Fatlace Social Club winner is by Yoshy Como.   Bet Be@rbrick wishes he could ride that Monkey, but given his sight issues, probably for the best he can’t. The posts might have been missing a week, but it’s back!  Just keep posting pics of the Fatlace life in the Flickr group and we’ll…