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Have you ever sold a car?.. and I’m not just talking about any car. I’m talking about thee car. The one that made you so f*cking happy to finally get, the car of your dreams, you finally have it! The one you spent countless late nights with, you know what I’m talking about. Those days you attend to your car more than your girlfriend. Guilty of the crime myself. The one that you were most proud of to show everyone, the one you stare at as your walking away with that stupid smile you don’t even notice yourself doing. The one you may regret one day selling.


I personally feel a car is an extension of ones character and personality. Think about it, from the start and this goes for everyone, not just car builders. You just had to pick the right one, that one car that defines you as a person. It may be luxury, sporty, classy or maybe something plain & simple.  Just maybe it had to be red or black or silver or that one shade of white that you think is perfect. You want this car to speak for you and show the world who you are. But hey, maybe it’s just me. I’m a bit of a car nut.

My very close friend Ming Ly has been putting his Infiniti M45 (Y34) on and off the market for a little whiles now. Always indecisive on selling it or keeping it. One day he would tell me “It’s for sale!” then the next “Nah man, I can’t.” then another day came “I found a buyer!” then the following day “F*cker flaked” haha. After the car being on the market for a few months, the oh so lovely low ballers of the world would try their best and there was no positive snags. After a few months he finally told me “Can’t seem to get rid of her, I might as well keep it”. I was happy he was keeping it. Personally, I love his car. It suit’s him and his personality. Truth be told, before the purchase of my GS430, I was actually on the hunt for a Y34 for months. But I couldn’t find the right one. They were either beat up with low mileage, or they’d be in great shape with more mileage than a commuter airliner. I looked at over 20 of them. He was lucky enough to find one in such a great shape. I was often jealous of his find. So this past monday Ming call’s me and says “Dude, I think she’s sold!” I didn’t even know he was still trying to sell it really. But then I thought to myself that this buyer was just gonna give him the run around and flake just like the others. So really I thought nothing of it.

Another day went by and he’s like “Dude, I think its 100% sold”. We talked about it for a while and I was still skeptical about it, but then we decided to get together and shoot it just in-case it was really goodbye.

Last night he text’s me a tad bit sad and in disbelief about it actually leaving. I know the feeling. Think about it, it’s like seeing you ex-girlfriend with another man!  WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD! and you can’t buy her back! Well, not in this country. (Joke)

This afternoon he sends me text. The horrible news finally came . -_-. This my friends is the 4th worst feelings in the world, seeing your car drive off with the new owner. 5th having no rice in the pot and 6th getting soggy french fries at McDonalds. Damn you Ronald McDonald.

Oh yeah, its a fake number. But call it, you may win something.

She’s now gone and out of our lives. We wish you a good and long life with your new owner. May he take care of you and love you as much as we did.

Though we might see you again one day, but It’ll never be the same. But just like running into your ex-girlfriend. It was good to see you, hope you’re doing well.

Goodbye old friend….









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  1. Lol, save predicament that i’m in. Everyone says keep it but the reality is I need something less tuneable and more practical for family life, espcially with baby no.2 on the way. Love my ER34 GTT sedan but I think it now needs to go and coincidentally i’m looking to replace it with a 3rd Gen GS430.

  2. Nice post! Sad at the same time… I can relate, saw my old S13 coupe at the Ocean Beach a few weeks ago… but couldn’t pull over to say hello. She’s in good hands.

  3. Sad to see it leave Mings hands. I remeber him coming to Hawaii looking for Air for it. Cant wait to see what new project is next!

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