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First Fridays.
Though the mood was more somber because of last month’s tragedy it didn’t deter those that have been there from the get.
We know what 1st Fridays and Art Murmur are all about and we come to represent, like we always do.
So salute…to the regulars.  Pounds all around.  Town biz. 
Word.CEBE at Woody’s CafeXoloChips & GuacShrimp TacosMexican Hot ChocolateVape stop.Fog City Vapors for all your vaping needs.Peace mandala.Erin Crawford(((Local 1200))) always holdin’ it down.Peeps.Very, very small peeps.The grass is always greener on the…ceiling.The homegirl Maria Fatima Urbi
and her custom ninja toy.Decisions, decisions.Pinays represent.  Or…foodies.Fauna

First Fridays. And definitely not the last.

Till the next episode…

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