Formula Drift – “Drift Coverage” Updated


It was a long & very hot day on the track. We had an amazing turn out for our last Fatlace One of One Showcase of the year, Again thank you all  for coming out! we hope you all enjoyed our event… we’ll have coverage soon!

As far as Drifting it was pretty intense battle throughout the year, but Vaughn Gittin Jr  took the 2010 Formula Drift Championship! Congrats! It was more then well deserved. Anyways heres some of my photos throughout the day. I have plenty of tire chunks thrown, shot & chucked at me. Also inhailed way to much smoke… it was hellafun though but now! time for a nice weeks rest 8)

Anyways enjoy! Check back for more coverage later in the week!

Alex Peiffer & Falken Saturn Sky

My parner in crime Andy Wong

Hankook Skyline & Falken Z33 Vert

Media out in full force

Chris Forsberg doing his thing

Falken s15 & Joon Maeng Running it hard!

Spin out!

Irwindale FD winner: Tanner Foust! Grats!

Dai spins & Fatlace s13 hits….

fatlace s13 wins that run, tehe

Vaughn Gittin Jr Victory Run!

A Very Happy VG Jr

it got really smokey, im still coughing till now


Charles Ng

A Very Beat up Toyota Speedway Floor

and a very beat up by the sun Andy Wong

Congrats to Walker Wilkerson, Taking 2nd @ Proam & Earning his FD2011 License! Fatlace is super stoked!


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  1. Fine, and ill admit that Nikon DOES have extremely vivid colors but im sticking to my Canon. I cant go to the dark side.

  2. Hell yeah reppin the D700!! Wish i could put. Ine to use there.

    I wanted to be there so bad, but only if I could get into the areas you were in. I had no desire to buy $35 tickes just to sit in the crowded bleachers and stare from afar. I wanted to get shot like these. I was contemplating trying to “wiggle” my way into the good areas. Would of been easy enough, but not worth driving an hour and a half.

  3. Where are the rest of the pictures! =(
    I want more! Had the time of my life and posted 30 pics on my facebook! =) Chyeaah!

    1. Nikon d700 & Most of these are the Nikon 14mm 2.8, anything zoomed looking was my Nikon 24-70 2.8

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