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Going HAM, Nate Hamilton that is…2012 livery

I’ve blogged and spoken about Nate Hamilton before and he’s still a GREAT kid, 23 years young, hard working, humble and hungrier than ever to follow his and his teams dream of drifting at a higher level…
Nate made his way from Texas to my house and Arizona earlier this week for a new graphics scheme…

Nate’s adding to the flare of drifting with his 2012 livery design… Nate will be competing in Pro-AM events this year with ideally entering Formula Drift competition in 2013, he wants more seat time this year and he will get that!

Introducing Nate to the 5 & A Dime a retail store in Dowtown San Diego, was PERFECT and happened so quickly, 5 & A Dime snapped together very quickly a rad design that everybody agreed on!
So here it is…

The car showed up at my house in Arizona like this…
Hamilton livery 2012 002

Ended up leaving Bluemedia in Tempe, AZ looking like this…
Hamilton livery 2012 032

Bluemedia does some amazing work, signs, graphics, wraps, scoreboards even and literally a bunch of stuff…
You can see the guys behind the glass in the lobby..
Hamilton livery 2012 003

Inspired by 80’s/90’s skateboard graphics even down to the woodgrain purple, the black emulating griptape, the off register dots, it comes together nicely.
The fact of the matter is Nate and his crew really skate so the graphic makes sense for him not just fronting with a cool skateboard inspired graphic…
You can see Cagle Johnson documenting some of the application of the wrap…
Hamilton livery 2012 006

See Cagle’s video of Nate’s 2012 wrap HERE…

This was literally THE BEST wrap job I’ve ever seen done, they’re detail and cleanliness of the wrap was/is something to admire…
Hamilton livery 2012 008

The signature “Rocket Bunny” wing finishes the rear nicely, now in WOOD GRAIN!
Hamilton livery 2012 009

This isn’t dead vinyl until it’s all over, using flames they can manipulate the vinyl to warp and work it, was crazy!
Hamilton livery 2012 010
Hamilton livery 2012 015

Adam, Cagle, Jeff, Nate and Corey admiring the car just change before their eyes…
Hamilton livery 2012 016

With the new look, comes some new t-shirts!
Get your ONE44 Nate Hamilton X 5 & A Dime tee NOW!!!!!!!!
Anybody remember T&C shirts, kinda has that vibe huh?
Hamilton livery 2012 019

Thanks to Brandon and all of Bluemedia for supporting Nate on his 2012 season and his rad new graphics…
Hamilton livery 2012 021

THE ONLY reflective vinyl on the car, name & number!
Hamilton livery 2012 029

You can barely see it, but it’s STAY SIDEWAYS for their homie JL was killed years ago, purple was Jorge’s color thats why there’s so much purple for JL…
Hamilton livery 2012 040

Here’s Corey Denomy documenting the wrap through his lens…
Hamilton livery 2012 042

SEE Corey’s version of the wrap HERE!
Skating, wrapping, ripping all Team ONE44, rad!

The crew hanging as we shot some stuff at Tempe skatepark…
Hamilton livery 2012 045

Parker got to ride shotgun at Bondurant with Nate even, he was psyched and was part of the crew the few days we got the wrap, done, shooting and hanging..
Peace out!
Hamilton livery 2012 047

Now go support Nate Hamilton and all the up & coming drifters across the country and the globe!


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    where can i get one of those shirts??!!