GT5 Dori: Just Like A New Game

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Ever since I started playing GT5 again (after a two year break) it’s pretty much like a new game. It came with drift mode, but sliding was almost impossible for me without spinning out. Jeff A (JA95sc3) of Nemesis and Battle Swing got me back in it. He and his crew (E, Marc, Gambino, Stoner, Twitch, Toycressy, RSGriff and Ricefreak and CJ to name a few) help me out during Thursday Night Slide. Car set up is super important. It’s still tough to connect a whole track, but the right car and setup will really help. The rest is practice, practice, practice. The trick is to go past your limits, just like what I should be doing at Word Up. Tandems are super fun and intense.

People are doing amazing things to cars lately. Hybrids and Hellaflush fitment are now possible. My favorite car right now is an S15 with a 2JZ power plant. It drives almost like my old fave S13 Silvia, but the smoke screen can make insane! I still need a lot of practice, just once a week (maybe)… isn’t enough.

Other people I know who drift GT5, like Alex (Hellaflush Photographer) and Buffet Boss sent me some sick rides. It’s tough to catch em online though. Fatlace sponsored driver, SYTFU Lex King is also on, but I haven’t caught him on a track yet.

S13s were my starter cars. Still love em.

JA chasing. That was close!

This was my first time running in a group during a recorded race. Spun out big time!

My current car of choice. Might look like an ordinary S15, but it’s powered by a 2JZ and doesn’t have a rear wing.

The Ring Taxi.

The free 86 given as a gift from Polyphony. It slides so nice stock

Painting cars is always fun and trying to take realistic photos is a cool challenge.

Peep the NS Chronicles and see what you’re missing!

If you’ve seen Initial D, you’ll probably get a kick out of this.

(via RiceFreak)

If you drift in GT5 let’s meet up at Night Slide… Thurs. Night 10PM West Coast.

PS: Thanks for the love Gambino!

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