Gran Turismo 5

Dear Everyone,

My life has ended the day the long awaited GranTurismo 5 was released. I can’t begin to explain how amazing this game but it was well worth the 4 year wait and 90 minute install and the continuous updates and uhh… anyways!

I’ve been seeing some amazing and spectacular photos circulating the net taken with the GT5 Photo Travel. Your able to control  Exposure, Shutter, Aperture, Lens Distance, Filters  & control your angles just like a real DSLR.  Also you have a wide variety of scenic areas or if you save your in game replays you can capture some crazy action shots. Unlike real life situations where you have miliseconds to capture a moment that will probably never happen again. You have the freedom of the pause button which can expands your creativity.

So heres the deal just like we do our Fatlace Social Clubs. You’ll submit your photos to our Flickr pool HERE and a winner will be drawn each week and be contacted via Flickr for your prize/sticker packet.

Make sure to tag and title your photos with GT5 Challenge ( example: GT5 Challenge – Drifting )

Photos only from GT5
No Photoshoping outside the game (Be fair)
No limit to photos uploaded
MUST BE YOUR PHOTO ( no cheating! )
Be creative!

Cant wait too see what everyone comes up with

Good luck!

UPDATE: Here are some of my photos i did :]
can be found on my flickr page



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  1. i cant believe other car guys really like this game. sure theres alot of cars, but over 800 of 1000 of the cars cannot even be outfitted with wheels! and those 800 cars dont even look that great in detail. it seems like they rushed and cut corners.

  2. I preordered the game, and have been playing it for about a week now. I have spent more time taking photos than actually racing. 😐
    hahah, I’ll submit a few photos soon!

  3. Funny story I have bought the collectors edition but don’t have a PS3 hmmmmm lol

  4. Very disappointed in GT5. 5 years of development, so many delays, and only 200 of the cars have the new graphics engine/visuals on them. All the other 800 cars are pretty much their PS2 counterparts from GT4. Even the same liveries. Absolutely unnaceptable and ridiculous.

    Customization is near ZERO. Like, you cant do ANYTHING beyond putting new wheels on the cars. Cant customize the tires, tire sidewalls, width, anything. WTF?? its like back in the 90’s early 2000’s when people would just slap some bigger/nicer wheels on their cars and not do anything with the wheel/tire/suspension setup, leaving the wheels just sitting completely inside the car.

    Hopefully Forza 4 and GT6 are for the next generation of consoles. Because this generation is sorely long in the tooth on the hardware side and cant accomadte the graphical prowess racing sims like Forza and GT need now.

    You should be able to do things like adjust the offset, tire wall height, remove stock reflectors on the cars, remove stock wings if you like, etc.

    Forza still has them one upped in the customization department. Even though Forza needs more as well.

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