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I can’t believe I only JUST discovered this: Hong Kong Street Style. It seems that a new blog showcasing Hong Kong’s street style has just popped up! It might only just be a few days old but I’m pretty sure it’s soon gonna be a great source of outfit inspiration! I’ve pretty much lived in Hong Kong my whole life (minus a couple of years in New York) and I have to say Hong Kong has great style. We’re always really up on trends and everyone draws inspiration from different places and mixes them altogether. On one person you might spot a hint of Japanese style mixed with some boho and topped off with a little grunge.

I’m gonna try to get some shots of great HK Streetstyle from my own camera soon but for now, keep checking for updates at Hong Kong Street Style!

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  1. I’ve always loved looking for Hong Kong street style blogs. There are some people on the street that really make you look twice. Unfortunately, I feel like those people don’t really get captured enough, so yay for this blog! There’s another one that I saw awhile back, don’t know if you’ve seen it:

  2. GREAT REC!! I love it!! Its about time HK has one of these. HK is so trendy and it needs to be shown to the world! I miss HK…

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