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HUF, back on The Block!

First and foremost, I am happy that the very first Streetwear store I ever walked into, is now back! I remember walking into the HUFSF store, back in San Francisco *YAY AREABREH-BREH*, hearing jokes from Mega, lining up for all the HUF collabos, and later finding out that everything that I ever wanted was no longer available in my size. I’m cursed with being the sample size in E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

Fast-forward to now, HUF is back for Round 2 with The Block! The two-story space has great minimalistic value and is cleanly filled with HUF pieces that will cover you from head-to-toe. When stepping into the store, you are kindly greeted by this massive art piece by Haroshi:



If there is one thing about HUF, it’s that they are going to do whatever they want. You’ll either hate it or love it, but you gotta respect it! On a more nostalgic note, HUF has always cleverly used their infamous Neon Green, appearing on these middle-finger figures:


During the grand opening, HUF exclusively had product, available only at the Fairfax location. My personal favorites, were these wool City leather strapbacks, in all their traditional team colorways:


Another personal favorite is HUF’s on-going collaboration with everyone’s favorite wheel, SPITFIRE:


This HUF store hits my childhood hoodlum-ness emotions on every level. Gosh, is someone cutting onions? My goodness.

Again, Congrats to the homies @ HUF, welcome back, y’all bout to kill it!


Check the store @ 451 N. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, Ca 90036 – Cheers for now, thanks y’all!

– Ferrariartie

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