Japanese Super Car Cruise – Oct 2017


If you’re a big JDM fan, this is the car meet for you. Japanese Super Car Cruise is a meet/cruise with the 90s Japanese iconic cars: NSX, Supra, Rx7, and a few others. The meet starts early in Milpitas and the attendees cruise up Interstate-280 to Treasure Island in the heart of San Francisco Bay Area.

The usual entrance was barricaded this time around and the cars had to drive around to enter the lot in Treasure Island.

This early bird Supra got a prime spot for a great photo.

Shortly, a group of NSXs rolled in.

Our good friend, Chris, is present with this red ’91 NSX.


A few minutes within the first few groups that rolled in, this lady showed up. She yelled “Everyone CLEAR OUT!” repeatedly. Everyone just shrugged it off. SFPD showed up shortly after and said it was fine. So much for all the shouting.

Okay, back to the Supras.

It was a very chill and a laid back meet. Or, maybe everyone was getting hungry after that long cruise from Milpitas?

A handful of R35s showed up.

A sea of RX7s appeared.

And a few other iconic cars also showed up.

E30 or E92? Hmmmmm..

It was also a treat to see this playful Shiba greeting everyone on its path.



The best part was hearing these cars scream as they drove away.


Rightfully boo-ed off by everybody. This guy decided to do donuts, making a fool of himself. Please stop this showboating. It’s things like this why police try to break up local car meets before they even happen, ruining the experience for everybody.


Photos by Michael J.

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