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Food Coma: Papalote’s SF


I’ve been hearing all the raves about Papalote’s and the famous adobo burrito over the past year or so, I decided to finally try it out. We’ve no doubt passed by it numerous times asking ourselves if we really wanted it, but didn’t really feel driven to look for parking most of the time. So if you have patience looking for parking, by all means, this is worth the try.

First we were welcomed by bold colored walls, dope paintings, the oddest adornments hanging from the ceiling, the scent of good food, and a friendly face at the register. Ahh, decisions, decisions. As much as I wanted to try the Adobo Burrito, one of the guys were getting it, and since I’m a big fan of Mole (pronounced mol-eh), I went for the Mole burrito. Mole is a mexican dish that consist of meat cooked in a mexican chocolate based sauce for a sweeter-but definitely not candy-like taste. Mikey ordered the Adobo Burrito and Steve ordered the Carne Asada Quesadilla. Since I’m a big fan of salsa and chips, each meal comes with their own bag of chips and sauce-which I thought was thoughtful because at usual mexican restaurants, it’s one full bag per order or something shady. At others they have a self serve station, where you can pack as many bags. Ahh, let me stop there. I’m being a heffer.  ANYWAY, here are some photos to satisfy that hunger (I’m such a tease):

Papalote's Adobo Burrito

Papalote's Chips and Salsa

Papalote's Mole Burrto

Papalote's Carne Asada Quesadilla



Papalote Mexican Grill
3409 24th Street, San Francisco
1777 Fulton Street, San Francisco

6 Responses to Food Coma: Papalote’s SF

  1. Reign

    Mole mole, I need to go there. Heard a lot of good things too. Only thing stopping me is the 1 hour search for parking. Nice photos and welcome to the StayFresh crew!

    • Hey hey Reign! What part of the bay are you from?

      Indeed though, parking was a b-tch. We probably circled a couple blocks a couple times before we started feeling like we should start thinking of second choices for food. We went on a main street not too far from the restaurant and got lucky.

      Thanks for the warm welcome, I’m excited. Forreals. Hope to meet ya’ll soon.

  2. Will Caron

    Only problem is its just not enough food… Something that good should come with more

    • I have to agree, Will! The tiny bowl of tortilla chips wasn’t my style, however, I ended up taking some of my burrito home anyway. It left for a good “after club” bite. =)

  3. MikeK

    Was just out in the Bay last week. Almost tried to go here but ended up at El Farolito, due to hearing better things about it. Totally worth it. The super burrito there was awesome.

  4. kenny

    duude, gotta love that Chicken Adobo burrito!


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