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Toyota Aristo..

A few weeks a go i was visiting Modified Live on the Circuit of Brands Hatch in the UK.
While i was walking on the Show n Shine area i saw this VIP Toyota Aristo. Many people were talking about this car because you don’t see many Vip cars in Europe. For me this was the first one and i hope not the last one because Vip Style is looking awesome..

16 Responses to Toyota Aristo..

  1. Ryan

    God damn it. This is a FITMENT website.
    All of your posts fucking suck. You see that 3 inch gap between tire and fender? That should not be there on a fitment website. The car is killer, has some nice parts, but the fitment sucks dick.

    Theres a fucking is a shadow from the fender cast onto the tire. Shits Hella WACK.

    • David

      yeah fitment is awful, i don’t even know what to think if this is what hellaflush stands for

  2. Ryan is a faggit

    Youre an idiot. “Fitment” is divided into categories, flush, tuck, poke, etc. Look at the fucking picture because that aristo is all about fitment its a perfect example of being aggressive. The owner had to pull and customize his fenders to make “fitment” for the wheels.

  3. LVg35

    Everything about this car is on point, it just needs to be about 2 1/2″ lower

  4. So when did Fatlace get a UK writer?
    I have seen so many UK guys post up so called flush fitment pics and have Epic wheel gap. You gotta be so careful as the understanding of flushness doesn’t translate the same as it does in the US.

    Its nice to see the UK having someone reppin Fatlace but there are plenty more dumped rides the UK has to offer. Props to the author for the UK rep, point them in my direction for some legit UK rides

  5. Tan_Man

    Chill out man…

  6. ShawnOliver

    If you don’t like it Ryan, show us what you got?Do you own a ride with nice stance or what?Man up.

    • HBaJ

      That has nothing to do with the fact that this ride (in the pics provided) is not what most of us consider to be “hellaflush”. My car isn’t nearly stanced as the cars I see on here, but that’s also why I’m not getting photo features. Point is, we all expect to see better quality stuff when we log on to push ourselves and the rest of the scene forward. This Aristo isn’t doing that for me.


    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Cmon Brits you can do better than thattt??

  8. Cholo

    damn,…… iv never seen a VIP off-roader before,…..

  9. CheekNasty

    People need to stop with the haterade. That shit is pretty nice, no matter where you are from.

  10. Goldigger

    That car is sick !!! All the negative talk isn’t opinions … It’s just that … NEGATIVE. We all had to start somewhere, a little at a time. There is nothing wrong with complimenting someone’s progress. My wheels are pretty damn flush, but I am also not low enough …. YET ;) A work in progress & I get compliments, I get people saying it’s not low enough & yes I am aware of this. I get people who trash talk to & they are usually driving like a KIA or some shit. Some people just don’t belong in the car scene I guess. Either way … I am liking the Aristo, it’s different & I give the owner his credit for a car well done !

  11. Papsmear


    so the issue is solved its bagged so it makes it a whole lot better..

    gtfo stop making excuses for terrible bloggers

  12. H8TRADE

    Yeah it’s on bags and that’s the lowest it can go!!! Sad!!! hahahaha


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