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Walker’s GS


Not everyday do you meet people with a passion for cars at such a young age. Walker Wilkerson looks like your everyday kid from the Northwest but when you look at his cars, you’ll know right away he’s got a different agenda. In the garage… a GS, a purple S13 drift car, and just recently purchased a Skyline R32. I can’t wait to see what he does with the R32. Spoiled you might ask? Nope. Hustler.

20 Responses to Walker’s GS

  1. alex

    everythings fresh .. nice work!

  2. Milt

    Excuse my language… But that GS is fucken delicious!!! Great Job as always Walker!

  3. WillDrift4Food

    Everything is clean. Great photography, it captures the detail that is in that car. (THUMBS UP!)

  4. jawls

    I wish he built this car instead of buying it.

  5. 1920×1200 please!! =P

  6. jhooks

    yeah buddy! love this GS soooo much

  7. Sleepy Wagon.

    Spoiled you might ask? Nope. Hustler. Abbitt spoiled! hahahha. Naw man Walkers shit soo clean man. All his cars are like no other. Also, this man can drift for sure! Big ups!

  8. hella hella fresh thats definately one of the best GS stances ive seen in a while

  9. Twisty

    more NW love!!!! Props Walker

  10. David

    Bags? Thing is hella clean.

  11. Armando

    The car is sick.
    But he’s spoiled as fuck, lol.

  12. broseph

    haters say the wilkerson brother’s are spoiled but they do they’re fair share of work fools. shit don’t come easy.

  13. lol he bought it with the bags on sunken ass wheels… LMAO… he didnt buy it fitted.

  14. Brent

    what are the specs of the wheels?

  15. JTran

    Two Abbitt Wilkerson saying two different things posing as two different people. Doesn’t matter though, car is clean.

  16. Hey guys this is my car, thanks for all the love homies!

    if your ignorant enough to talk shit and you dont even know me…haters gonna hate!!

  17. Nice to see this was posted ;) looking good

  18. kengi


  19. Angel

    o love the GS, now all it needs is a 2j turbo :)


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