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Fix It Ticket? What?


Found this photo of an ACTUAL ticket and explanation of the offense LoL

Looks like the 5-0 have caught on to us folks!

46 Responses to Fix It Ticket? What?

  1. nismokid_5

    AWESOME!!!!! That’s when you know Hellaflush is really becoming a movement in the US. Just wait, it’s only a matter of time until the cops start putting their cruisers on bags and colis. LOL.

    • TerryJ

      lmao! i know..hmm i think those chargers that they roll in are on coils because they seem lower than stock..but good point.

    • bahc

      the ticket is for being too low, has nothing to do with being “Hellaflush”

  2. nismokid_5

    AWESOME!!!!! That’s when you know Hellaflush is really becoming a movement in the US. Just wait, it’s only a matter of time until the cops start putting their cruisers on bags and coils. LOL.

  3. Josh

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! hahaha I am seeing more and more of these kinds of tickets showing up

  4. gnargabe

    I got one of these tickets well over a year ago.. i just wound up the coils, got it signed off by a cop, then dumped it again.

  5. You guys will get a kick out of this ticket. One of my G35 Sedan friends recently got this one for being “too flush”:


  6. Pete Wilson

    Thats mine!! It was a funny conversation, The cop was super cool, he said he loved my car, he just couldnt let it go. haha

  7. OH DayuM

    I remember when I was in the Jack in the Box drive-thru to pick up my food, the cop rolls in front of me and parks on the side of the street. Right when I passed him, he went through a red light just to pull me over and said, “Your car is 3 inches too low”. He even pulled out the measuring tape lol.

  8. daniel

    I thought the law had to do something with center of the headlight having to be a certain height from the ground? Thats retarded but A+ for being low Andy!

    • Sam

      your car has to be 22 inches from the middle of the headlight to the ground legally.
      …that doesn’t work out too well for most of us, haha.

  9. Stephan

    These laws suck no matter now much sense they make.

    Up here in Canada we have the same shit. 22 inches from the ground to the middle of the headlight and no part of the car can be lower then the bottom of the rim.


    • Hood Brains

      yea that sucks, we should be able to do what ever we want with our cars, as long as we don’t hurt nobody with them. Then again, which mods do?/ lmao

  10. Phil

    hahaha (^O^)

  11. Drey

    why is it that always when somthing is so good the po-lice try to bring it down?! haters…I know for a fact that all of them want their car to be slamed ;) ))

  12. What happens if you drive some supercar that has a low front end?

    • Pete Wilson

      Cops probably wouldn’t do anything “CauSe ItS A SeWpARcAr”

      Dont get me wrong. I love supercars.

      Gimme dat Ascari A-10

    • It’s a legal limit, no production car has headlights lower than 22in or whatever it is. I think this was introduced in the early 90s, maybe late 80s, could be wrong.

      While most manufacturers redesigned the cars or their front ends, one had a car that was too low so they just raised it lol. It’s a safety precaution for hitting other cars/people/animals/bikes/etc.

      Same for when they said you can’t have sharp front ends.

      • Kyle S

        But wouldn’t super-low cars be a lot better than raised ones because you have more visibility (i.e. trucks that are so high the driver can’t see within several feet of his bumper)?!

      • Nic

        Think I heard about said car, I’m pretty sure it was the MGB!

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  14. Patrick B

    Yea here in texas, at least around River Oaks and Cedar Hill where cops are on a serious tampon, you can’t ride lower than the lowest part of your rims. so you’ll see skaters (cars with super thin tires to skirt the law), and non-static riders (bags and hydros). A River Oaks cop will give a car that’s parked a fix-it ticket for being too low too.

    • Chris G

      Hey Patrick B; I just moved to DFW and i’ve been wondering where do the meets/ cruises happen at? I’d really appreciate the help. I don’t really know anyone out here lol. Heres my email if you want to message me. cg4619247@yahoo.com

    • Axton Groom

      fix it ticket for being parked too low? what if your on bags and when you ride around, its raised? thats total BS its parked for show like wtf punch that cop in the face

  15. b_rock

    double standards… that’s america. Cuz lowered cars are way more dangerous than when something like this hits you:


    • bahc

      lol @ “Race/Ethnicity: A”

      on a side note, if you notice, even on super cars that are closer to the ground and whatnot, they still have wheel gap. i think that has something to do with them getting away with it as well.

  16. sortarican

    But those retarded ass donks riding on truck rims that would decapitate even a stock car get away with it. BS!

  17. austin lee

    this has been going on for years since my 55 year old dad was a teenager, glad your finally getting with the times.

  18. Brandon

    one of my friends in his miata got a ticket where we live for to much camber and was deemed unsafe by the cop we dont even have ride height laws wtf!

  19. I am a patrol deputy here in Texas and most of my cars, especially my wife’s miata would get a ticket if “The Department” pulled me over…i actually did get pulled over in the miata a few weeks ago by a state trooper that i knew who asked, “what r u doing driving this hooptie”…some people just have no sense of style or creativity.

    • A

      “some people just have no sense of style or creativity.”

      Ya your right sooooo show me a picture of a Miata that has some rather than one with cheap ugly wheels…

  20. reifer

    I think HF needs to make it so only owners of approved flush cars can leave comments (which I am not) so dumb asses that don’t know anything about cars cant leave gay comments (no offense to fags) or claim to be part of the “movement”.

    • Blake

      …even if there are hellaposers attempting to lay claim to “the movement” flushness speaks for itself, either ur pulling it off or ur not.

  21. Zak

    This is nothing to the laws we have here in Australia.. We can get done for things like wheels to large, tyres to small, can’t be lower then 100mm at any point, and wheel protruding further then guards… And the list goes on and on haha

    • Palmer

      Thats in the use and regulations act here in the UK aswell but the police dont enforce it

  22. astroboy

    Really? I have my tickets for the same thing back in the early 90′s; where were you, and what were you doing back in the day? Me, reppin a 1993 rx7 turbo on 18×11′s enkie’s sittin low all day. Still have it the same. Nothing new to the car culture. So why is it Wow now? Because people are bloggin about it. oh, oh.

  23. DarrenO'Hooligan

    Like astroboy I was getting ticketed for this back in 92 when i had a 1958 impala on hydraulics. Got pulled over twice on the 15 coming back from Vegas… This is nothing new especially for the CHP. Best part about it, on hydraulics (or bags) all you have to do is give it a little juice and you’re off the hook….

  24. 5h4wn v42

    Here in Connecticut, center of your headlight has to be 22″ off the ground or you will be ticketed for being too low. Had a cop haggle me for it, but I didn’t get ticketed.

  25. Vadim

    all these ticks are bullcrap! thats not “open wheel”, cops are just in a pissy mood. theyre just PMSing and giving those out. I’d laugh in the dudes face, say “thanks, occifer” and get in the car and leave.


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