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I first saw Erwin’s All Road at the Moscone Center in San Francisco at some car show and for some reason it stood out. Maybe its because its more my …


The Hunt

Once in a while you regret things in life and...


Check out this little teaser film of what to expect...

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The Road Trip Video


Ruck Out Hawaii Video

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HellaFlush6 Miami – Part 2

Ray’s LS400 (previously featured on HF) – Took best stance!

Josh’s Jetta bagged on Porsche wheels

Erick D’s (previously featured on HF) – WRX on 19” Works

The lowest Evo ever on Works lol


Srt4 with some poke action (in reference to the other thread – where they were asking about it)

Team Sun*works Lexus on VS-XX’s

Slammed G35

More than anything I was just shocked to see a Honda Fit on ccw’s

It’s almost impossible to fail with a BMW

I just had to post this G37 – It’s not exactly flush but WOW.. Easily one of the sickest, lowest G37′s I’ve ever seen.

There are so many more photos from this event of cars that were incredibly beautiful and sitting perfectly – there will definitely be a Part 3 Post coming soon.

(link to all my photos & gallery)


13 Responses to HellaFlush6 Miami – Part 2

  1. Toepfer

    HAHA, love the comment on the fit. Loving the coverage

  2. That Bagged G35 is straight sex.. :D

    Anyways , There is like 60 to 60 pics up on my side if you guys want to check them out …


    • No Air Bag

      I thought the vehicles using airbags are those Mexican lowrider. HATE AIRBAG ON JAPANESE CARS. They look “stoooooopid”

  3. Quinn

    How is the last g35 posted not flush? isnt the wheel behind the fender?

    • chippeRX7

      flushness is more like when you have the whole wheel showing, stretched tires, and as low and close to the fender as possible. The red G35 in this post is an excellent example. But tuck is not generally considered flush, unless it is very slight.
      I hope i defined it right

  4. Mike Renteria

    That G35 is actually a G37…….

    • Ravi

      i fixed it – i mistyped it in the first part of the sentence but it was correct at the end… my mistake.

  5. Sleepy Brown

    OK, the mexi-poke on the srt-slow is a no go for me. Sorry not a fan of a neon trying to be HF! But also you can fail on a bmw. Be where im from and you’d understand :(

  6. damn! lovin the Team Sun*works Lexus

  7. Steve Pee

    haha i seen that G at the tuesday night meets here in staten island..cars sick!!

  8. HUF

    meh 512 had better cars

  9. yoi

    G37 is slammed and wheels are tucking….if raised up abit, it will be flushed as the suspension increases positive camber as you raise it…and you cant be flushed and tucking.

  10. rx865

    My friend actually just bought the black evo from the guy down in Miami yesterday lol and wow is all I have to say. Perfect stance


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