Ric Flare not Ric Flair

Last night I paid a vist to SS Customs in Redwood city to check out the latest work on Mickey Andrade’s E91 Touring Wagon aka #RicFlare. When I got there …


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HellaFlush6 Miami – Part 3


More time to edit means more pictures to post!

I never get tired of seeing this s2k, sick rear camber, ill fitment.

stance that looked like it had serious purpose…

I would call this hella dumped…

but then how would I describe this rat rod beast?

feature on this neck snappin’ 240 coming soon… Pretty sure he was the only guy at the event to receive the coveted HellaFlush Approved sticker.

pretty sure this guy was rockin 11′s in the rear, looked perfect.

Fatlace’s own Felix inspectin’ a super clean Xb

That’s all for now, more to come soon! Check out http://www.flickr.com/photos/dbson for extra shots that didn’t make it to this post…

18 Responses to HellaFlush6 Miami – Part 3

  1. DJ

    I do S1′s harder on my box but daaaamn those brakes are sick.

  2. I’m pretty sure I got a hellaflush approved sticker too :p

  3. hellaholland

    anyone got more info on the bmw? love the stance

    • MarcoSTEEZ

      Dont know much about the e30 itself, but i know that hes one of the guys that runs the County Line raceway drift events. He slides that BMW quite well

  4. LOL to the old guy with the Fatlace shirt in the xB pic..

  5. Hood Brains

    can’t wait til I gets my whip. definitely gonna flush it out!

  6. Sayonara

    The RSX runs 9.5f and 10.5r +22 to my knowledge. Love the Fitment

  7. gabedm

    in hindsight, I am sure everyone would agree the HF section was unorganized and really didnt have a sectional feel… I am sure most of that is to blame on it being at Remix, unlike the proper location which we tried to get going. I think alot of people were dissapointed in general of the show, not sure how much HF is to blame, but if I knew I was going to be parked across from 30 dunk-rider dudes in the “Hellaflush” section, I would have stayed home. We got the cars, we got the scene, but this show is not a proper indication of what we have to offer here in south florida, so before anyone from fatlace writes off ever doing another show in florida, you should all get together and ask, “how will we be able to do this the right way”

    • ci$co kid

      i completely agree

    • DxBC

      honestly, i can say the same for the CA show, it was pretty boring, no music, a couple of sick cars, but not organized…. one vendor…. no announcer… too many cops… and a grip load of random creepers.

      anyway, i enjoyed it but it could have been 100000x better of an event with some proper organization at least a DJ, or something.

      • Mark Fatlace

        You’re talking about our BBQ? it wasnt suppose to be a show buddy. it was a BBQ.

  8. jdmflow

    I wanted to go so bad Jordan but work got me!!! I was so pissed plus my next car gonna be a boosted rsx type s forsure..boosted n low stance/offset ftw!

  9. OH DayuM

    Wow I can’t wait to get my new wheel setup for my Levin so I can show up for HellaFlush some day!!

    Does anyone know how to get to the hellaflush forums/zipties and spacers? Or is it still under construction?

  10. scrapejz

    so how come i still havent seen that orange fit with da purple bbs’s it definately deserves a spot here.

  11. It was sick! You guys better come back down to Miami and do another BBQ again. Make it quick cause i can’t wait for the next one!

  12. Vadim

    i know how to describe the rat rod beast, call it “mister tetanus”

  13. Delbert

    That S2K is beautiful!


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