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Jamie P’s 240sx

As promised in Part 3 of our HellaFlush 6 Miami coverage, here’s the skinny on Jamie P’s 1992 Nissan 240sx, one of the hottest and lowest cars at Remix this year. Originally a US car, Jamie trashed the standard steering setup in favor of its right hand drive counterparts. Under the h, errr, well in the bay, he’s rockin’ a R33 series1 RB25DET. It’s puts out about 325whp thanks to a SAFC2 pushing 16 pounds of boost, a Greddy VSPL intercooler, and a Mishismoto 3 row radiator, and 4″ exhaust.

To get the stance just right, he dialed in his stance on a set of GR+ coilovers, and threw on a set of replica staggered 18″ GTR wheels (18×9 et14 w/ 215-35′s / 18×10 +16 w/ 225-40′s.) If that’s not enough, he’s also got Powered By Max toe rods and Megan Racing rear upper control arms.

My favorite part of the car? It’s gotta be the paint. Black, with a holographic/glitter underneath means this thing is literally blingin’. People were mesmerized as it drove through the rows.


61 Responses to Jamie P’s 240sx

  1. tunerboyls400

    Looks like one sick daily driver

  2. Kyle Doctor

    Those white wheels are so, so sick… I can dig it.

  3. Mychal

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s flush. But it looks like trash. I’m tired of trashy S-Chassis.

    • Kouki_love

      Please please please, post a pic of your car. !! how is it trashy. go drink some haterade bud.

    • uranidiot

      When you build a car from the ground up its meant to be driven hard not slowly driven by some fag with a bluetooth and starbucks in hand.

      What you call “trashy” I call experienced. I would much rather drive the shit out of my car the simply drive it so people think it looks clean. To each his own tho.

  4. Josh

    all around cool looking S13

  5. mike

    those are some meaty legs mm

  6. misfitrps13

    i agree with Mychal. Not tryin to hate. It is flush, Rb’s nice, but this build has no detail to quality.
    And the wheels……don’t get me started. Don’t know what they are and simply don’t care.
    There fugly.
    Engine bay is somewhat nice and clean thou from the pics.

    • Kouki_love

      dude, you have no idea how many hours and hard work was put into this car. like i told your bf ^^^ i would love to see your rps13.

      • misfitrps13

        ^^ Trust me, I’m sure you would.^^
        You’re a funny guy.

        Never doubted his efforts towards the car bro.
        Just wanted to give my honest opinton.
        If Jamie like like his wheels, cool.
        I don’t. Everyone has different taste.

        But I also gave some good points as well. Like the engine bay and overall clean shape.

        Also the paint was noted as a “favorte part of the car”. Yea maybe the color. But it’s clear to see that it’s not good quality of a finish. But not to be over critical, it’s just the car’s strong point.

        If the car is used daily, (and it shows) that’s one thing. But if you put the same car in a car-show and then feature it in hellaflush, many people will start putting the car on a higher standard. That’s just how it is.

        Not tryin to hate. Bro

      • James

        That’s a stupid argument. You can spend a few hundred hours sculpting and fitting a POS bodykit to a Civic and lining it with wallpaper, the fact that a long time was spent on it doesn’t change shit.

        The S13 looks alright, but he’s just done what everybody has been doing for the past ten years; fitting a big lip kit and slamming it. The ride height is un-even and the wheels look awful.

        In general it looks pretty nice, compared to a lot of other rides. But the problem is its featured here. Like Ryan said, there are so many S-chassis that deserved a feature more than this.

  7. chris

    this was at miami right but its nice

  8. soooo lonngg

    it looks trasy because its a one-via.
    and because it has a lot of front rake so the back looks too high.

  9. Jamie P

    WOO ! thanks alot guys.

  10. The pics dont really do justice here. This car in person is very well done. Jamie put some time into this build and the rhd conversion shows it. Nice job man.

  11. rdan

    the car is cool but im sorry there was way nicer cars there that you didnt even take pics of

    cool feature but not the best of the M.I.A

  12. bahc

    was hoping the pics would bring out the color more.

  13. Ryan

    The car is totally ehhhh.
    Ugly fucking wheels with uneven ride height.
    Wierd ass camber settings and super retarded tire sizes.
    Cool paint but obvious shitty body work.

    Anytime you put bell-bottom aero on you need the wheels to poke atleast as far as the aero. That means serious wheels with serious camber. In the last picture you can see the aero pokes atleast an inch all the way around.

    I dont mean to be overly critical but out of all the cars you could feature? This one?
    Car looks like trash in my opinion. Theres 1,000 s-chassis’ that deserve a feature over this.

    • sidewayz_threat

      The concept of this is suppose to be “Hellaflush”! I You sound like a dick redneck, and hating on sick cars like this one! HA! Weird ass camber??! ROFL. Go back to eating beef-jerky and sucking on cow balls! You dont deserve posting your feedback on here! Wheres your ride? hmmm? let me see??

      • Ryan

        Hey fucker, I know its Hellaflush. Thats why I pointed out whats wrong with the car.

        It needs much more aggressive wheels with MORE camber to look right. Hes stretching a 215/35 on a 9″ when he doesnt need to. Im stretching a 215/40 on a 9.5″ with a lower offset on my car and thats one STOCK fucking body. No bell-bottom, extend an inch past my wheels aero.

        Again, I wasnt blindly hating. I pointed out legit issues with the car one by one. So fuck you. The 215/35′s are completely too small of a sidewall for this car, matched with a 225/40 in the rear? Check out the rake of the overall car, it looks like shit. It should be running a 225/40 all the way around with some more camber, or atleast a 215/40 up front.

        My 240sx has completely stock paint and its by far one of the cleanest in the midwest. Im running 18×9.5 +12 with a 215/40 all the way around. So dont fucking tell me what Hellaflush is.

        And again, Im from Chicago so dont fucking talk to me about shitty roads. Thats such a dick-rider excuse anyways. “My driveways steep, Miami roads are bad, my pussy hurts”.

  14. LS13

    woww, hatersss… lovin the coupe Jamie. this thing obviously gets driven, nowhere does he say its a show car so its not gonna be perfect body wise. everyones aloud to have there opinion but if ur just gonna hate why even waste your time commenting on it. better yet lets see what your driving… just my 10 cents.

  15. Emir

    For Ryans comment on the poke for the certain aero not everyone is trying to go for the same trendy look of Super Poke/Super stretched tires, Streets down here in miami ain as great as youd expect from a major tourism spot streets suck everywhere down here and we have to sacrafive to not fuck up our cars, this car gets drivin all over miami and is a great Daily Driver and deffiniately deserves the spotlight.

  16. ludeman2

    yo ive seen this car in person so yea i have to agree with LS13 it dosent say it a show car but its a sick daily driver and the motor sounds amazing, so i got hand it to jamie he’s created a pretty badass coupe.

  17. tbradley87

    IMO i dont like the wheels. but everything else is great. i love it

  18. slidewayz240sx


    Weird ass camber? You mean you are upset that just about all of the meat is contacting the ground? lol

  19. Kouki_love

    Ryans a fag!!! i think he might drive the yellow s2k with 16in 002′s and 50 series sidewalls. lmao

  20. hey guys. he slides the shit out of this car. so forget you haters.

    oh blah blah blah it doesnt look right, its trashy, whatever.

    your hating. none of yall have put up pictures of your cars, simply cause, your cars arent even close in comparison.

    stop hating. and he had the cleanest s-chassis at the event hands down.

    good job jamie! big ups to someone who slides his car as well as looks good!

  21. z4life

    the only horrible thing in my opinion that NEEDS to be changed is the exhaust. The rims and stance are ehh, BUT it is still a sweet ride none the less.

  22. Mychal

    Wow, all this uproar over an opinion. Maybe “trashy” was a poor choice of words, “trashed” would be a better one. I love S-chassis, but I’m tired of the “I’m a drifter, I dont care” look. I’m not hating, I’m just saying take pride in your S-chassis. Someone said it looks better in person, I’ll take your word for it. I just wish at the very least the hood and blinkers were installed.

    @Kouki_love: I own an S14 and it’s stock, picture it in your head. Also, the bf comment….very childish. If you want to go that route you’re looking like a d*ck rider yourself. It’s really not even that serious. Chill.

  23. slidewayz240sx


    I understand the whole “im a drifter so my car can be beat up”

    But look at this car, it has some paint chips and shit up front but lets be honest, compared to must of the people that say “im a drifter I can have a beat up car” This car is probably in the top 5% of “that group” that actually has a good looking car. This car isnt nearly as beat up as some of the people Ive seen around. At least he has one color matching paint and no missing body panels. His hood is at home awaiting more paint so cut some slack there.

  24. Vic

    Tiiiiiight rhd! but seriously dat white girl is thickly delicious =P moar pics moar lolz

  25. No wonder he has the I <3 haters decal on the back,cause so far what I've read you can tell,and the car looks dope I dig it,simply clean,so to that mofo with the stock s14 gtfo bout "ihateseeingdriftersandnotcareifmycarsbeatup"style,look at your dumbass you're shit is stock,therefore you might not drift it,so therefore you wouldn't know what "trashy" look is….so here 8======D have fun:)

  26. Nate

    Jeeez, tough crowd

  27. Jerm

    sand. still can’t believe that this is the only car that got hellaflush approved :facepalm

  28. Bruno

    not feeling the body kit. i think it was featured too soon, IMO it’s not complete

  29. Reign

    I like this s13. Good job on the build. Must be fun to drive. People need to relax.

  30. gabedm

    You know, I saw this car getting alot of love in coverage, and I kinda agree with some of the comments,but he did choose his style and is doing it. Paint meh, wheels meh, looks like its taken a beating, but hes happy with his car so there.

    I am sure I get negative comments for my car, everyone has their preference, and he took his preference and made it reality.

    As a fellow 240 owner at the show, it might not be my style but I can respect his hustle,
    keep it up.

    and maybe change out the bomber exhaust ;)

  31. Adam

    I’m a Nissan dude and I don’t even know what that car is doing on this site.
    If you like at the other cars that have been featured this look like crap sry..
    I do not hating at all, but this.. had it just been a RPS13 hatch I would probaly liked it much more..

    Hate onevias.. and the exhaust and wheels.. not doing it for me..

  32. Chris'Ruipassa

    An awesome s13 (Y) i like the way how low she is

  33. Gizmo

    I like how aggressive the car looks, a lot of time has gone into it but I gotta agree that it could do with a little tidy, it would take this car to top of its game.
    - Its constructive critisism, I’m not hating, I love the car.

  34. bryan

    not into thee 3456 decals, i think it takes away from the cars simplicity and the body needs some work but this thing looks like a true drift car straight outta japan. i can definitely picture this tearing up the streets. did he do all the work on the car himself?

  35. Jamie P

    Damn I didn’t know my car was going to be so controversial. For everyone that gave it props i cant thank you enough. My car is NOWHERE near done and I cant wait to drop some cheddar on some beast wheels! But for now this is what I have and it’s what I’m gonna rock. The shotty body work wasn’t because I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s because at one point the car IS going to end up in mangled mess at the track. The car was built to drift, not for fanboys to circle jerk over.

    be easy.

  36. Lady K

    This car is a chick magnet :)

  37. FETUStheCAT!

    I cant understand why people are hatin on his car so much! Its a DIRFFF car! Its not supposed to be SUPER clean. If you dont like his build, so ******* what??? There are plenty of people that do. This car is sick! Good job man. And at least your not doing the typical silvia front on it. :) BTW that girl has some thick legs! YUMMM!

  38. Dio

    i hate haters

    love the car

  39. I see the car @hella6 and is SICK love it!

  40. Aaron Flush

    Jamie P, What kind of exhaust do you have on the S13?

  41. Brian

    “Paint ain’t shinny enough” “Wheels don’t stick out far enough” “where’s the big ass wing and cabon fiberhood” “shit doesn’t even have neon” Fuckin ricers.

  42. 350DAN

    F*CK what the haters think this car is DOPE as hell and don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise

  43. hi every one this car came up on http://www.silviaowners.com as pic of the day its a fine car sexy out nice to see it and read about it

  44. buGS

    that exhaust is woahstatus…

  45. animator480

    I love it, the paint shows that the car is ACTUALLY driven and not just a weekend ride or trailer queen and i wouldnt think of putting thse wheels on there, but they look awesome. great job to the driver from PHX

  46. Great car… minus the wheels, lack of hood, and RHD modifications.

    Why do Americans want RHD?

    Its money spent on making your car more awkward to drive. Up here in Canada we have access to many RHD cars, including Skylines, and I’d still rather build up a LHD 240 then own a GTS-T r32.

    America, Stop trying to be JDM tight. :p

  47. macky

    well fuck all you people hateing this is a drift car so of course its going to look the way it does i would love to take a look at your drift car this dude has mad skills to keep a car that he dailys and drift in this good of shape so get of my bro’s nuts thanks

  48. zackb

    simply clean my ass. cool car but beat to shit

  49. Jordan

    Front bumpers are gonna get beat sitting so low so who really cares? If this dude wanted to pay and get it repainted would it make you anymore happy you looked at pictures of it on the internet? No. Clean ass s13, that bend on the exhaust is kinda crazy tho.

  50. Delbert

    You put this car up, when this car is representing you competition. Simply Clean is that Fatlace of florida. In miami opinion they wannabes…

  51. the lips are gona fkn pound the ground and the occasional wall or car :P so who gives …………… honestly i drift a 88 supra that im still building … its missing a hood and its got some rust above the windshield …. but who gives a $#!T its got the power i enjoy …….. the typical hellaflush cars are fun to look at but ….. id rather drive with out the constant stress of scraping the F@%K out of my lip and such ……… as for the lip on j.p’s sx meh its not my fave but hey thats my opinion cheers jp best of luck bro in my opinion its not HELLAFLUSH its DRIFT…….BUT GUESS WHAT! hellaflush just thought id bee cool to feature it …………. props to hellaflush too for giving the underdog some light :)


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