Formula Drift Long Beach: From the Grid to The Wall

The 2014 Formula Drift season kicked off last weekend in sunny Long Beach, CA. Everyone has been anticipating this first of 7 events in the US this year. The excitement …


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Los Angeles: Calling All HellaFlush


After having a big absents here on on the site, Again I Apologize for that… SOOOOO

Or well your car… thought you guys might get a kick out of this…. noticed i made him fat… TEEHEEEE

I Have finally cleared my calendar ready to reunite myself with my beloved camera<3 Also with the launch of our fresh new site Coming Soon.. Im looking to find some more local cars to feature, This applies to everyone but understand im from the Los Angeles Area and will only go so far for a shoot :P

I’ll be looking for the Flushest Rides, VIP , Dumped, Slammed, Aired & alll the good stuff

Cars Chosen will Receive :
-Free Photo Session w/ Myself(In Los Angeles Area)
-Feature On Hellaflush.com/Fatlace.com
-Copy of High Res Photos

Please Submit Your Ride Too YOGI@FATLACE.COM with the following:
-Size & Offset:
-Full Mod List:
-Have you been featured before on this site: (Yes – No)
-Contacts: (Email, Phone Number, Aim)

Also, Send with a couple well lit photos of your car, Photos must match up to your current setup..

Please Submit Only ONCE!!!

If your car is chosen you will be notified & contacted asap and we’ll set up an appointment

Again this is open too anyone, but shoots will take place in LA so you would need to make the trip out here :)

18 Responses to Los Angeles: Calling All HellaFlush

  1. odishaw

    *thumbs up* thats awesome!


  3. eric

    just submitted my hellaflush e60 also seen here


  4. LOL at “Uncle Yogi Sam”. Looking forward to the new features.

  5. nice. wish to have some of that here in the philippines.. :)

  6. Jay Jay

    Oh Very Nice Yogi Boo Boo ! ^_-

  7. v

    what car does yogi drive ?

  8. cant wait!!! THEpineappleclan.com

    missed the one in Hawaii =(

  9. Bee

    Thats cool man, I like watching your videos because you keep shit fresh. I would love for you to shoot my supra but I think a 4000 mile trip to B-more is most likely out of the question…LOL.

  10. skratchthatkid

    saw you at kababayan fest lol

  11. Toepfer

    i’ve seen a couple of pics of that cressy before. What year is it? Looks like an X6 so I’m guessing 82-84?

  12. Budgie

    Where can I get a high res of that Lexus in the tunnel?
    Its fooking awesome :D


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