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RSX Stunnr!

I recently posted about this car on v2lab when I first saw it. I needed more! This is in my opinion one of the most beautiful RSX’s out there. I love everything about it. The SBC RPF’s fit so nicely to the simplicity of the car. It’s so clean yet aggressive… anyways I’m going to take a break from drooling over this car to give some credit where its due.

Props to Nugent & The StunnrStatus Crew


Joe Dantone for the pictures : (His Flickr)

Ravi (v2)

26 Responses to RSX Stunnr!

  1. rpf1′s one of my favorite wheels :D i wanna get some for my xb!!!!!!

  2. JoeGTR

    so fre$h and so clean, sits just right. nicely done

  3. dc5tim

    congrats to matt on the feature

  4. TomRich

    Seeing more fitted RSX’s now, and this is easily one of the nicest.

  5. Walter

    I love it

  6. Cleannnnn setup!!

  7. Is it blue or black?

  8. Nate

    Yea East Coast

  9. jdmflow

    So clean..

  10. thanks for the feature and all the comments.

    and urstin the car is black but has a ton blue flake

  11. jerm

    i love sbc chrome nice choice as said above car is simple yet so aggressive

    congrats on the feature

  12. panda poo


  13. Thanks for the mention+feature!

  14. Blain

    Specs on wheels and tires??? :D

  15. Big-J DCPHIVE

    Yo Matt, sick as always. Glad I got to see this setup at 4udrew. We must talk, as I’d like to possibly come over to the evil side next summer.

  16. Kevin

    Best looking RSX. I think this is the same car that had white MB battles and that looked sick too (still my wallpaper on my work comp.) Now I need to update. Nice job.

  17. Omar

    I like this stance!

  18. Panavas

    Now that’s perfect stance!

  19. Vivid27

    A perfect role-model for all of us RSX drivers. :)

  20. Chris

    Sorry, but this car is garbage compared to the white Audi on Classics that was taken down by “blog management” the other day. It’s a clean RSX, but by no means amazing. The lack of center caps make it look unfinished and as for the rest…meh.

    • Wow, make up your mind bro. You just called this car garbage and clean in the same statement. I never thought garbage was clean. Just because your salty about not having an Audi on classics posted doesn’t mean you’ve got to call someone else’s car garbage. My .02

  21. ram

    nice car .what size are the wheels

  22. menam

    no one rocks the center caps on the rpf1′s, get it straight.

  23. charles

    rear guard roll is neat and fits factory lines. kudos++

  24. Mike

    I’m totally not an Honda guy but this one is stunning. Nice job ;) clean simple perfect!


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