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Skyline x Targa Trophy


Update! Vinyl & Coilovers.

Felix and I will be cruising the Targa Trophy this Saturday with the Kenmeri & GT2000 representing the Imports. We’re looking for a passenger to cruise and film. If you’re interested, hit us up in the comments.

Here’s the latest from the GT2000. Bumper’s, Wing, Chrome gone, TE37V’s Bronze, Wider fender flares in the front and rear, Oil cooler and coilovers going in today.

Here’s some photos from the Paddock today setting up the cars with vinyl.

Coilovers. Very very low now. :)

FTL•C just like PMC•S (Prince Motor Car)

The bus looking at the Skyline

Undisputed Champs. Illest X Del Tha Funkee Homosapien (Hieroglyphics). More on that soon..


skyline ruckus

32 Responses to Skyline x Targa Trophy

  1. Phil

    Super cool :D

  2. I’d love to ride in your kenmeri and shoot, but all I have is a gopro and my point & shoot camera. i’ll be awaiting for the footage. have fun.

  3. ae71-4agze

    wish i could tag along with my rolla but i live in n.j.

  4. sic!

    man i would love to be passenger and help u film!
    the problem is im all the way out in Puerto Rico!

    Mark u should check out all the support fatlace and illest have on the import scene
    in the island!
    anyway im starting a clothing venture overhere , i would love to hear what u think , and maybe some advice , that would be awesome.

    regards, and best wishes from the island!


  5. Josh

    Pick me! just lend me your camera, i have a racing suit, helmet and everything. Please Pick Me. I wont ask you to pull over at 7-11 during the race.

    • Josh

      And i’ll let you use my go kart at infinion raceway in november you can’t refuse this offer

      • Mark Fatlace

        we got 2 karts we kart at Infineon. do you have a camera?

        • Josh

          Just a point and shoot and a some hd onboard cam i cant remember. Nothing fancy. And my Dad and I race with a group that use the road course at Infineon. Super Fun.

  6. AdoboBro

    Diggin the TE37V’s.. but no love for Watanabes?

    • chippeRX7

      Watanabe’s are awesome. But alot modified skylines of this vintage have them. I think the te37V’s are a perfect wheel for this car!

  7. Yuri

    Looking good Mark!

  8. Damn, that shit is so dope!

  9. bry

    MORE on undisputed champs?!?!?

  10. What kinda tires on the Kenmeri?

  11. Hako

    Could you please send me specs on the wats & price Norcalinnovation@aol.com

  12. paul

    I’m gonna try and find you out on the backroads this weekend…if you see a red hachi throw me some stickers mang

  13. Mark if you need someone to film or snap some pics, I’m down, though I don’t have super legit gear. For film I got a Canon HF200, not too shabby though you’d probably want someone with a Canon 5D Mark II. Also, you’ve seen my camera, it’s a Nikon D80 fitted with a 50mm. I lost my zoom lens for my DSLR, but I do have a spare old school Canon SLR with a zoom lens. It’d be cool to see some vintage shots on film! Whew, what a wordy reply. Well whatever works for you, just hit me up if you’re interested.

    • By the way, I’ll only be available Sat., just in case you guys consider me, since I have work to take care of on Sunday.

  14. If you can ship me in from Ireland i’ll take all the pics you want! :)

  15. Alan

    What time does the Targa Trophy Rally Start?

  16. daniel

    I think I like the wing back on mark! Looking good too Filix!

  17. ivan

    i got a nikon d90 located in sanleandro willing to meet you up email me

  18. JapCurry

    Oh my gawd that’s pure fire!

  19. can we get a photo shoot of the ruckus? lol

  20. Frozzy

    Everyone was grouping around you guys when you showed up at the show. Love it!

  21. Looking good guys!! Mark, your Hakosuska is coming along nicely and bringing some well needed diversity to the classic car scene. Love the wingless/bumperless combo, you need some racing jackets for those headlights and it would be straight fire!

  22. And if you don’t mind me asking…. what are the specs on the TE37v’s? 9.5″ with a -20, and 10″ with a -25??

  23. man i wish we had those skylines here in the philippines! i’ve been dying to get a hako!

  24. Pingback: Fatlace Targa Trophy Skyline | LLE


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